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The Championships


The Official Championships of Conquer Club are a series of Tournaments designed to find the best players in all the major categories of the Conquer Club game. Below are the results of the first official Championships run from 2014-2016.
1v1 Completed Results
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Doubles Completed Results
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Swifte & cooldeals
Flat Rate/No Spoils Completed
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Triples Completed Results
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jackal31, zips5000 & RKCVED
Polymorphic Active Results
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Standard Escalating Active Results
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Conquest Completed Results
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Winning a Championship makes you the official Conquer Club Champion of that game type. Your glory will be celebrated on this page and throughout Conquer Club for approximately 24 months until the next Champion is crowned.

Additionally the Championships have other great prizes for participants that progress through the rounds. For more information about an individual Championships Tournament please click on the More Info link next to it (where available).

Entry to the Championships Tournaments will be selective based on minimum requirements and seeding by Score. It will also be possible to gain entry through a variety of satellite tournaments, which have already begun - go to the Tournaments Page to find our community run and automated Championships Satellites. Note that it will be possible to join most Championships as a Freemium Player.