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Game 11923179

Round 45

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Fog Trench
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:BelgianVirus 4.8 0 0 0 0
g:JonMPapp 4.8 0 0 0 0
b:Big_Daddy 4.8 0 0 0 0
y:protokol905 4.7 0 0 0 0
p:bigsacks 4.4 0 0 0 0
c:Doedshunden 4.4 0 0 0 0
o:ZeekLTK 4.8 6 127 507 119
s:xtron 4.8 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2012-11-13 19:55:10 - Game has been initialized
2012-12-08 15:36:19 - Big_Daddy eliminated bigsacks from the game
2012-12-29 07:01:17 - ZeekLTK eliminated Doedshunden from the game
2013-01-04 16:28:50 - ZeekLTK eliminated xtron from the game
2013-01-08 14:34:19 - ZeekLTK eliminated protokol905 from the game
2013-01-22 13:09:43 - ZeekLTK eliminated BelgianVirus from the game
2013-01-23 14:01:17 - ZeekLTK eliminated JonMPapp from the game
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - ZeekLTK eliminated Big_Daddy from the game
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - ZeekLTK won the game
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - BelgianVirus lost 24 points
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - JonMPapp lost 21 points
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - Big_Daddy lost 28 points
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - protokol905 lost 16 points
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - bigsacks lost 21 points
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - Doedshunden lost 14 points
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - xtron lost 18 points
2013-01-23 14:31:03 - ZeekLTK gained 142 points

Game Chat

2013-01-04 16:31:18 - ZeekLTK: sorry but the chance to eliminate was there thanks to green so I had to take it
2013-01-04 22:19:28 - BelgianVirus: blue back off so we can deal with orange diplomacy with everyone has managed to allow him to get strong
2013-01-05 03:51:18 - ZeekLTK: Blue I'll stop attacking you if you also leave me alone and you fight red
2013-01-05 03:52:18 - ZeekLTK: Because the fact is, I'm the only one who borders green, so if I have to fight both of you then he is going to build up and win
2013-01-05 03:53:40 - ZeekLTK: He already took gray out (well, reduced him low enough for me to eliminate) so don't forget about him just because he's not talking
2013-01-05 03:56:26 - ZeekLTK: He has a very sizable army and some big bonuses down here
2013-01-05 09:44:11 - Big_Daddy: To orange: You say "Blue I'll stop attacking you " just after you broke all my bonus :) ... Sorry but I have to decline your offer :)
2013-01-05 09:46:23 - Big_Daddy: To red: For the moment orange is the problem. you're rigth
2013-01-06 05:04:22 - ZeekLTK: I said that because red attacked me, I wouldn't have broken your bonus if I had known he was going to break our truce
2013-01-06 05:09:31 - ZeekLTK: But red you should really reconsider because the main reason I ended my truce with blue was because I felt he would wipe you out if I didn't step in... then you attack me, lol
2013-01-06 06:46:03 - ZeekLTK: So blue, look, I only advanced 1 to that spot, I won't threaten your bonus while I'm fighting red
2013-01-06 06:47:15 - ZeekLTK: Also yellow, I pushed green away so you only have 1 border to defend now to keep your bonus
2013-01-06 06:47:41 - ZeekLTK: I don't plan on attacking you so hope our truce can continue
2013-01-06 23:31:42 - ZeekLTK: wtf yellow
2013-01-06 23:38:02 - ZeekLTK: wow red you got lucky - I 17v3 and I couldn't take it :/
2013-01-06 23:44:48 - ZeekLTK: well hey blue, red is going to have the +8 bonus, you might want to think about that on your turn
2013-01-07 07:04:53 - Big_Daddy: I agree, but how can you give me such advise just afet you attacked me...
2013-01-07 07:05:06 - Big_Daddy: "after"
2013-01-07 07:06:29 - Big_Daddy: If this bonus is still used against you.. no pb for me
2013-01-07 09:39:25 - ZeekLTK: It's your problem because you will have to fight red eventually - and he is now getting more armies per turn than you
2013-01-07 09:41:30 - ZeekLTK: Also I already explained my deal, I want Nina but I won't attack your bonus from it
2013-01-07 09:42:11 - ZeekLTK: So I will keep attacking you there, but if you don't attack it, I won't go further
2013-01-07 14:39:04 - ZeekLTK: or I'll just lose 14v8 and nevermind I guess lol
2013-01-07 14:44:33 - ZeekLTK: yellow - I really don't want to have to wipe you out, if you stop attacking me, I'll stop - but I saw you took out one of my stacks (whittled it down to 1) so if you're gonna do that, I'll have to keep attacking you
2013-01-07 18:58:20 - BelgianVirus: your talking your way into some terr ill give u that
2013-01-07 18:58:27 - BelgianVirus: orange
2013-01-08 14:38:33 - ZeekLTK: well gg yellow, not really sure why you decided to break our truce when you were in position to hold a bonus prior to that
2013-01-08 14:49:54 - ZeekLTK: green, I see that you border red - I'm willing to form a truce if you'll attack him rather than me - otherwise I'm going to have to keep pushing against you to take out your bonuses so that I can manage fighting all of you at once :/
2013-01-08 14:51:12 - ZeekLTK: and I think you see that I'm very close to breaking one of your main bonuses right now... so please consider it
2013-01-09 03:59:46 - ZeekLTK: blue - look at that, red is getting more armies per turn than you and has a huge stack right on the border of your biggest bonus - you better do something before he breaks your bonus and then you're getting even less than him
2013-01-09 04:00:21 - ZeekLTK: on the other hand, I have 1s and 2s all along our border - I'm not planning to attack you any time soon
2013-01-09 08:33:58 - Big_Daddy: Itis true.. sorry red.. but your behavior on my border looks like cold war...
2013-01-09 08:34:19 - Big_Daddy: It too obvious that I had to attack first.
2013-01-10 13:09:53 - BelgianVirus: so its okay for you to have big stacks there but not me???
2013-01-10 13:11:48 - BelgianVirus: im bear naked all over and orange is gaining terr i mean can a man have some sort of comfort geez blue cut me some slack
2013-01-10 15:24:29 - ZeekLTK: I'm not threatening to break blue's bonuses though
2013-01-14 08:13:13 - Big_Daddy: Ho Orange... YOu lied to me... You broke my bonuses... This mean TOTAL WAR!!!!
2013-01-14 08:16:43 - Big_Daddy: Ouchhh.... F***king dice.... I think it is over... unless Red has chance against orange... He has half the map
2013-01-14 13:18:00 - ZeekLTK: I broke your +1 only after you sent a massive force against me on both fronts (something like 30+ troops combined) how was that anything other than an invitation to counter attack you?
2013-01-14 16:46:13 - BelgianVirus: blue if we have any chance you need to stop breaking my bonus and move those big stacks elsewhere to attack orange and i will do the same
2013-01-14 16:51:58 - Big_Daddy: Ok, but I thinck it is too late...
2013-01-14 16:52:03 - Big_Daddy: think
2013-01-15 09:07:06 - Big_Daddy: I failed all my attacks against orange.. I had huge stacks on the north... Sorry..
2013-01-15 09:07:57 - Big_Daddy: Red I took you 1 territory to have a spoil
2013-01-16 01:16:58 - BelgianVirus: yea we are fucked orange you talked you way to victory ill give you that
2013-01-16 21:58:35 - ZeekLTK: I hope so, but I don't think it'll be that easy
2013-01-21 14:22:13 - ZeekLTK: well, gg - this was a lot of fun
2013-01-23 14:07:17 - Big_Daddy: Gg guys... I which I won
2013-01-23 14:23:40 - ZeekLTK: I thought you were going to, I was really scared you were going to wipe out red and then be too strong for me to fight while I was still taking on gray/green in South America
2013-01-23 14:31:16 - ZeekLTK: I had some fun with my last deployment lol
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