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Tournament: Boss Boss: Random - Round 1 - Game K

Game 9667903

Round 7

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:Dibbun 4.4 6 44 92 20
g:White Moose 4.8 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2011-08-30 18:09:08 - Game has been initialized
2011-08-31 15:14:42 - Dibbun eliminated White Moose from the game
2011-08-31 15:14:42 - Dibbun won the game
2011-08-31 15:14:42 - White Moose lost 24 points
2011-08-31 15:14:42 - Dibbun gained 24 points

Game Chat

2011-08-30 18:09:31 - White Moose: gg
2011-08-30 21:42:39 - Dibbun: Thanks for joining the tournament and good luck!
2011-08-30 22:21:27 - White Moose: :)
2011-08-30 22:21:43 - White Moose: Of course my dice is horrible, so I couldn't capitalize on your mistake :(
2011-08-31 14:28:36 - White Moose: (I said GG when the game started because I knew I'd lose)
2011-08-31 14:29:21 - Dibbun: because I'm awesome even at maps I've never played before?
2011-08-31 14:29:27 - Dibbun: yeah I would have said gg too
2011-08-31 14:39:11 - White Moose: Of course. That brain of yours is just so sexy! You're like rainman, without the physical limitations :D
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