Conquer Club

The Game



For various actions, the Conquer Club deities may smile upon you by rewarding you with items. These items come in different forms, some of which are described below. They will appear in your Inventory. The odds of getting a particular item for a particular action vary.

Where can I get Inventory Items?

Currently you may get items by:
  • General Activity - If The Conquer Gods smile upon you, you may receive random items just for clicking about
  • Joining Games - awarded randomly (or not) when game starts
  • Winning Games - awarded randomly (or not) after your victory
  • Winning Tournaments - where an item is listed as a prize
  • Community Events - watch out for community events featuring inventory items!

What are the odds of winning different Inventory Items?

The odds vary depending on various factors such as the type of games you are playing. The most rare Items are very difficult to get indeed. Here are some things that can improve your odds of winning and also increase your odds of winning better stuff:
  • Regular games yield better (random) inventory items than Tournament games or Bot games
  • Playing in games with more players increases your odds of winning
  • Small maps have a reduced chance of winning

Can I see someone else's Inventory?

No - not unless they show you.

Can I swap Inventory Items with other players?

Not at this time.

How can I use Inventory Items?

Currently you may use items for:
  • Joining Tournaments - certain tournaments will list Items as an Entry Cost
  • Staring At - If you stare for long enough at an Item, something changes inside you

Inventory Item List

Here are some of the items you can collect as inventory:

Conquer Stars

Red Conquer Star
Unheard Of
Green Conquer Star
Extremely Rare
Blue Conquer Star
Very Rare
Yellow Conquer Star
Quite Rare
Pink Conquer Star
Cyan Conquer Star
Orange Conquer Star
Silver Conquer Star
Violet Conquer Star
Very Common
Electric Green Conquer Star
Extremely Common
Auburn Conquer Star
Extremely Common
Drab Conquer Star
Extremely Common

Event Items

Conquer Love Heart
Very Rare
Conquer Clover
Very Rare
Tank Egg
Very Rare
Bomb Egg
Very Rare
Greek Egg
Very Rare
Gift Egg
Very Rare
Space Egg
Very Rare
Bronze Challenge Token - April
Silver Challenge Token - April
Gold Challenge Token - April
Quite Rare


Box: 3 Blue Conquer Stars
Box: 3 Yellow Conquer Stars
Box: 5 Pink Conquer Stars
Box: 5 Cyan Conquer Stars
Box: 5 Orange Conquer Stars
Box: 10 Silver Conquer Stars
Box: 10 Violet Conquer Stars
Extremely Rare
Box: 10 Electric Green Conquer Stars
Very Rare
Box: 20 Auburn Conquer Stars
Quite Rare
Box: 20 Drab Conquer Stars
Box: 1-3 Blue Conquer Stars
Box: 1-3 Yellow Conquer Stars
Box: 1-4 Pink Conquer Stars
Box: 1-4 Cyan Conquer Stars
Box: 1-5 Orange Conquer Stars
Box: 1-10 Silver Conquer Stars
Box: 1-10 Violet Conquer Stars
Extremely Rare
Box: 1-20 Electric Green Conquer Stars
Very Rare
Box: 1-50 Auburn Conquer Stars
Quite Rare
Box: 1-100 Drab Conquer Stars