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Legio Invicta
We are a team of warriors taking the heritage of our Latin ancestors. We are inspired by the bravery, the courage and the strategy of the Roman Empire military campaigns, through all our non-ferocious and non-harmful battles.
Average Score1,257.2
Score Range882-2,342
Clan War Record0/1 (0.0%)
Clan Game Record5/41 (12.2%)
albertazzo (Leader), Blakkrose (Leader), Lorxxxit (Leader), Alkibiades, Mirko57, Mitzkal, muezzzin, Oxygene78, panchodue, rsmareglia, simon24, The_Blinded, Turba Minchioni

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1132Knights Templar vs Legio Invicta - April 2014KNT VS LI2014-04-14 - 2014-07-14War Complete/ Games InactiveKNT 36 VS LI 5 Knights TemplarDetails

Clan Games

No Active Games