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Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
2298[CC6] The Odd Fellows Union vs Retribution - May 2016TOFU VS RET - War Active/ Games NoneTOFU 0 VS RET 0 Details
2297de Verovevaars Der Lage Landen vs Phoenix - May 2016VDLL VS PHNX - War Active/ Games NoneVDLL 0 VS PHNX 0 Details
2296[MC1] The Headless Horsemen vs A Fistful of Sixes - May 2016HH VS AFOS2016-05-17 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveHH 8 VS AFOS 6 Details
2295[MC1] One Step Ahead vs Fire and Dice - May 2016OSA VS FAD2016-05-18 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveOSA 11 VS FAD 1 Details
2294Fire and Dice vs Fiso - May 2016FAD VS FISO2016-05-20 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveFAD 2 VS FISO 3 Details
2293[CC6] the Fallen vs Legends of War - May 2016FALL VS LOW 2016-05-26 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveFALL 0 VS LOW 0 Details
2292[MC1] Retribution vs Splinter Cell - May 2016RET VS SC2016-05-17 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveRET 8 VS SC 1 Details
2291[MC1] The Omega Pantheon vs Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers - May 2016TOP VS FOED 2016-05-12 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveTOP 6 VS FOED 3 Details
2290The Headless Horsemen vs de Verovevaars Der Lage Landen - Mar 2016HH VS VDLL 2016-04-02 - 2016-05-23War Active/ Games InactiveHH 19 VS VDLL 22 Details
2289[CC6] Aeternus vs Retribution - Mar 2016ATN VS RET2016-04-03 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveATN 17 VS RET 23 Details
2288Knights Templar vs One Step Ahead - Mar 2016KNT VS OSA 2016-03-26 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveKNT 7 VS OSA 15 Details
2286[CC6] Agents of the Chaotic Empire vs Risk Attackers - Mar 2016ACE VS RA 2016-03-21 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveACE 24 VS RA 18 Details
2285[CC6] Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs THE PACK - Mar 2016FOED VS PACK 2016-03-19 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveFOED 23 VS PACK 19 Details
2284[CC6] Spanked and Milked vs The New Crusade - Mar 2016S&M VS TNC 2016-04-11 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveS&M 29 VS TNC 11 Details
2283[CC6] Les Hussards du Dragon vs One Step Ahead - Mar 2016LHDD VS OSA 2016-03-13 - 2016-05-23War Active/ Games InactiveLHDD 23 VS OSA 20 Details
2282[CC6] The Olympus Legion vs Legends of War - Mar 2016OLE VS LOW 2016-03-16 - 2016-05-27War Active/ Games ActiveOLE 11 VS LOW 31 Details
2279The Royal Galaxy vs Splinter Cell - Feb 2016RGX VS SC2016-03-04 - 2016-05-26War Active/ Games InactiveRGX 28 VS SC 17 Details
2278The Ulti-M8's vs One Step Ahead - Jan 2016 UM8 VS OSA 2016-02-02 - 2016-05-26War Active/ Games ActiveUM8 19 VS OSA 41 Details