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Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1133Retribution vs Fire and Dice - April 2014RET VS FAD - War Active/ Games NoneRET 0 VS FAD 0 Details
1132Knights Templar vs Legio Invicta - April 2014KNT VS LI - War Active/ Games NoneKNT 0 VS LI 0 Details
1131Fiso vs Spelunkers of Hell - April 2014FISO VS SoH 2014-04-23 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveFISO 1 VS SoH 2 Details
1130Legends of War vs Phoenix - March 2014LOW VS PHNX2014-04-12 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveLOW 7 VS PHNX 5 Details
1129Hard Day's Night vs The Ulti-M8's - March 2014HDN VS UM82014-04-08 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveHDN 2 VS UM8 12 Details
1128Venimus Vidimus Vicimus vs Army of Kings - March 2014VVV VS AOK - War Active/ Games NoneVVV 0 VS AOK 0 Details
1127Venimus Vidimus Vicimus vs A Fistful of Sixes - March 2014VVV VS AFOS2014-04-01 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveVVV 6 VS AFOS 30 Details
1126de Veroveraars Der Lage Landen vs Gladiators of Noxious - March 2014VDLL VS GoN2014-04-06 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveVDLL 11 VS GoN 7 Details
1125Spelunkers of Hell vs Gladiators of Noxious - March 2014SoH VS GoN2014-04-12 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveSoH 3 VS GoN 7 Details
1124The Walking Dead vs Fire and Dice - March 2014TWD VS FAD2014-04-05 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveTWD 16 VS FAD 15 Details
1123Fire and Dice vs The New Crusade - March 2014FAD VS TNC 2014-04-09 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveFAD 10 VS TNC 15 Details
1122A Question of Honour vs Phoenix - March 2014AQOH VS PHNX2014-04-06 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveAQOH 13 VS PHNX 17 Details
1121A Question of Honour vs The New Crusade - March 2014AQOH VS TNC 2014-04-09 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveAQOH 7 VS TNC 12 Details
1120Gladiators of Noxious vs The Walking Dead - March 2014GoN VS TWD2014-04-01 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveGoN 12 VS TWD 13 Details
1119The Immortal Assasins vs One Step Ahead - March 2014IA VS OSA 2014-03-25 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveIA 8 VS OSA 6 Details
1118Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs The Headless Horsemen - March 2014FOED VS HH 2014-03-27 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveFOED 15 VS HH 12 Details
1117Retribution vs Grim Reapers - March 2014RET VS GR 2014-03-29 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveRET 28 VS GR 13 Details
1116Fire and Dice vs Generation One - March 2014FAD VS G12014-03-28 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveFAD 13 VS G1 26 Details
1115The Ulti-M8's vs Clan Fiso - March 2014UM8 VS FISO2014-03-30 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveUM8 15 VS FISO 18 Details
1114Gladiators of Noxious vs Les Hussards du Dragon - March 2014GoN VS LHDD 2014-03-30 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveGoN 11 VS LHDD 12 Details
1113[RC] Atlantis vs One Step Ahead - March 2014ATL VS OSA 2014-03-29 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveATL 12 VS OSA 16 Details
1112de Veroveraars Der Lage Landen vs Les Hussards du Dragon - March 2014VDLL VS LHDD 2014-03-27 - 2014-04-23War Active/ Games ActiveVDLL 5 VS LHDD 16 Details
1111One Step Ahead vs Atlantis - March 2014OSA VS ATL 2014-03-17 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveOSA 18 VS ATL 18 Details
1110The Grim Reapers vs Venimus Vidimus Vicimus - March 2014GR VS VVV 2014-03-16 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveGR 44 VS VVV 16 Details
1109The Headless Horsemen vs The Pig Renters - March 2014HH VS PIG2014-03-06 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveHH 14 VS PIG 25 Details
1108Gladiators of Noxious vs Riders on the Storm - March 2014GoN VS RotS 2014-03-21 - 2014-04-23War Active/ Games ActiveGoN 13 VS RotS 6 Details
1107The Fallen vs Generation One - Feb 2014FALL VS G12014-03-14 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveFALL 14 VS G1 6 Details
1106Knights Templar vs Gladiators of NoxiousKNT VS GoN2014-03-14 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveKNT 14 VS GoN 23 Details
1105Les Hussards du Dragon vs The Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers - Feb 2014LHDD VS FOED 2014-03-08 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveLHDD 23 VS FOED 8 Details
1104Legends of the Zone vs Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus - Feb 2014LOTZ VS VVV 2014-03-09 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveLOTZ 27 VS VVV 29 Details
1103Venimus Vidimus Vicimus vs Hard Day's Night - Feb 2014VVV VS HDN2014-02-24 - 2014-04-04War Active/ Games InactiveVVV 32 VS HDN 9 Details
1102The Grim Reapers vs Aeternus - Feb 2014GR VS ATN2014-02-24 - 2014-04-19War Active/ Games InactiveGR 33 VS ATN 28 Details
1101Aeternus vs A Question of Honour - Feb 2014ATN VS AQOH 2014-03-22 - 2014-04-23War Active/ Games ActiveATN 28 VS AQOH 20 Details
1100Knights of the Round Table vs The Spanking Monkeys - Feb 2014KORT VS TSM 2014-02-26 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveKORT 30 VS TSM 22 Details
1099The Bullet Proof Bandits vs The New Crusade - Feb 2014BPB VS TNC 2014-02-17 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveBPB 7 VS TNC 14 Details
1098The Fallen vs ++The Legion++ - Feb 2014FALL VS LEG2014-02-24 - 2014-04-23War Active/ Games ActiveFALL 19 VS LEG 22 Details
1097The Pack vs Legends of War - Feb 2014PACK VS LOW 2014-02-18 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActivePACK 35 VS LOW 22 Details
1096The Odd Fellows Union vs Agents of the Chaotic Empire - Feb 2014TOFU VS ACE2014-02-22 - 2014-04-23War Active/ Games ActiveTOFU 29 VS ACE 28 Details
1095The Walking Dead vs Knights Templar - Feb 2014TWD VS KNT 2014-02-13 - 2014-04-20War Active/ Games InactiveTWD 38 VS KNT 23 Details
1094The Walking Dead vs Riders on the Storm - Feb 2014TWD VS RotS 2014-02-15 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveTWD 32 VS RotS 28 Details
1015Retribution vs One Step Ahead - Jan 2014RET VS OSA 2014-02-11 - 2014-04-24War Active/ Games ActiveRET 26 VS OSA 34 Details
1014One Step Ahead vs A Question of Honour - Jan 2014OSA VS AQOH 2014-02-06 - 2014-04-10War Active/ Games InactiveOSA 26 VS AQOH 23 Details
1013Fiso vs One Step Ahead - Jan 2014FISO VS OSA 2014-02-01 - 2014-04-23War Active/ Games ActiveFISO 19 VS OSA 41 Details
675++The Legion++ vs Memento Mori - Jan 2014LEG VS MM2014-01-19 - 2014-04-15War Active/ Games InactiveLEG 32 VS MM 29 Details
670The Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs Aeternus - Jan 2014FOED VS ATN2014-01-13 - 2014-03-29War Active/ Games InactiveFOED 27 VS ATN 22 Details
669The Headless Horsemen vs Otpisani - Jan 2014HH VS OTP 2014-02-02 - 2014-03-28War Active/ Games InactiveHH 29 VS OTP 20 Details
666Atlantis vs The Royal Galaxy - Dec 2013ATL VS RGX2013-12-31 - 2014-04-19War Active/ Games InactiveATL 32 VS RGX 29 Details