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Gladiators of Noxious
Turning the new into Noxious, and battling to gain victory!
Average Score1,859.5
Score Range1,140-2,788
Clan War Record10/14 (71.4%)
Clan Game Record475/831 (57.2%)
archer3base (Leader), Bantam (Leader), SiriusCowKing (Leader), TheCrown (Leader), archieball, charm, crasp, Cump Sherman, DB4Christ, DougieGee, Frank Martel, Gabsensei, gemini1512, halashus, jusplay4fun, jwiedlin, Killuminati19, King Edward 3rd, legionnare, mookiemcgee, mtamburini, o Mandelbrot o, Odug, stompie, StorrZerg, Suppurator, TuffyLess, WOLFZ71

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1346Gladiators of Noxious vs Agents of the Chaotic Empire - Aug 2014GoN VS ACE2014-08-27 - 2014-09-20War Active/ Games ActiveGoN 7 VS ACE 15 Details
1343Gladiators of Noxious vs Fiso - Aug 2014GoN VS FISO2014-08-12 - 2014-09-20War Active/ Games ActiveGoN 24 VS FISO 11 Details
1337Gladiators of Noxious vs Aeternus - Jun 2014GoN VS ATN2014-06-20 - 2014-08-07War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 17 VS ATN 24 AeternusDetails
1310CL6 QG6 - GON vs TOFUGoN VS TOFU 2014-07-12 - 2014-08-26War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 2 VS TOFU 6 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
1309CL6 QG6 - TOFU vs GONTOFU VS GoN2014-07-15 - 2014-09-12War Complete/ Games InactiveTOFU 7 VS GoN 1 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
1306CL6 QG6 - GON vs LOTZGoN VS LOTZ 2014-07-02 - 2014-07-26War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 8 VS LOTZ 0 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
1305CL6 QG6 - LOTZ vs GONLOTZ VS GoN2014-06-24 - 2014-07-16War Complete/ Games InactiveLOTZ 1 VS GoN 7 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
1302CL6 QG6 - GON vs RGXGoN VS RGX2014-06-07 - 2014-06-27War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 5 VS RGX 3 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
1301CL6 QG6 - RGX vs GONRGX VS GoN2014-06-09 - 2014-07-27War Complete/ Games InactiveRGX 5 VS GoN 3 The Royal GalaxyDetails
1296CL6 QG6 - ATL vs GONATL VS GoN2014-05-27 - 2014-06-24War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 3 VS GoN 5 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
1295CL6 QG6 - GON vs ATLGoN VS ATL 2014-06-02 - 2014-07-05War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 3 VS ATL 5 AtlantisDetails
1288CL6 QG6 - TNC vs GONTNC VS GoN2014-05-08 - 2014-06-23War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 5 VS GoN 3 The New CrusadeDetails
1287CL6 QG6 - GON vs TNCGoN VS TNC 2014-05-15 - 2014-06-16War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 5 VS TNC 3 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
1126de Veroveraars Der Lage Landen vs Gladiators of Noxious - March 2014VDLL VS GoN2014-04-06 - 2014-06-12War Complete/ Games InactiveVDLL 20 VS GoN 21 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
1125Spelunkers of Hell vs Gladiators of Noxious - March 2014SoH VS GoN2014-04-12 - 2014-06-13War Complete/ Games InactiveSoH 31 VS GoN 30 Spelunkers of HellDetails
1120Gladiators of Noxious vs The Walking Dead - March 2014GoN VS TWD2014-04-01 - 2014-06-16War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 21 VS TWD 20 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
1114Gladiators of Noxious vs Les Hussards du Dragon - March 2014GoN VS LHDD 2014-03-30 - 2014-05-29War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 22 VS LHDD 39 Les Hussards du DragonDetails
1108Gladiators of Noxious vs Riders on the Storm - March 2014GoN VS RotS 2014-03-21 - 2014-05-30War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 33 VS RotS 12 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
1106Knights Templar vs Gladiators of NoxiousKNT VS GoN2014-03-14 - 2014-06-03War Complete/ Games InactiveKNT 15 VS GoN 26 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
677Fire and Dice vs Gladiators of Noxious - Jan 2014FAD VS GoN2014-01-22 - 2014-03-16War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 17 VS GoN 24 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
676Gladiators of Noxious vs Hard Day's Night - Jan 2014GoN VS HDN2014-01-16 - 2014-03-05War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 79 VS HDN 22 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
673Gladiators of Noxious vs Legends of the Zone - Jan 2014GoN VS LOTZ 2014-01-17 - 2014-03-04War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 24 VS LOTZ 17 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
672Gladiators of Noxious vs Army of Kings - Jan 2014GoN VS AOK 2014-01-31 - 2014-03-17War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 26 VS AOK 15 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
657Fiso vs Gladiators of Noxious - Nov 2013FISO VS GoN2013-11-28 - 2014-01-20War Complete/ Games InactiveFISO 42 VS GoN 39 FisoDetails
655Gladiators of Noxious vs Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus - Nov 2013GoN VS VVV 2013-11-16 - 2013-12-19War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 30 VS VVV 27 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
650Gladiators of Noxious vs The Pain Dispensers - Oct 2013GoN VS TPD2013-10-27 - 2014-01-20War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 52 VS TPD 29 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails