Conquer Club


Aeternus literally means eternal in Latin, because that is exactly what we're going to be. We are the thorn in every side, the nightmare in your dreams, and the fluffy bunny you can't throw away because of all those fond memories.
Average Score2,312.4
Score Range1,836-3,014
Clan War Record3/5 (60.0%)
Clan Game Record244/439 (55.6%)
iAmCaffeine (Leader), spudulica (Leader), Buffaloed, callmenorcal, chuck D, dlaves, dshedd, itake, lawz21, lorisbs, patrick1744, pleve, scorpion_i, Tazzy_J, virus90

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1102The Grim Reapers vs Aeternus - Feb 2014GR VS ATN2014-02-24 - 2014-04-19War Active/ Games InactiveGR 33 VS ATN 28 Details
1101Aeternus vs A Question of Honour - Feb 2014ATN VS AQOH 2014-03-22 - 2014-04-20War Active/ Games ActiveATN 28 VS AQOH 20 Details
670The Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs Aeternus - Jan 2014FOED VS ATN2014-01-13 - 2014-03-29War Active/ Games InactiveFOED 27 VS ATN 22 Details
653Aeternus vs Riders of the Storm - Oct 2013ATN VS RotS 2013-11-20 - 2014-02-07War Complete/ Games InactiveATN 41 VS RotS 20 AeternusDetails
630Aeternus vs Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus - Sept 2013ATN VS VVV 2013-10-01 - 2013-12-20War Complete/ Games InactiveATN 46 VS VVV 15 AeternusDetails
611Aeternus vs The Last Warriors - Aug 2013ATN VS TLW 2013-08-11 - 2013-10-02War Complete/ Games InactiveATN 41 VS TLW 20 AeternusDetails
593The Fantastic Four-Skins vs Aeternus - Aug 2013TFFS VS ATN2013-06-20 - 2013-08-05War Complete/ Games InactiveTFFS 30 VS ATN 19 The Fantastic Four-SkinsDetails
591The Headless Horsemen vs Aeternus - Aug 2013HH VS ATN2013-06-27 - 2013-08-02War Complete/ Games InactiveHH 30 VS ATN 19 The Headless HorsemenDetails