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Atlantis, the legend! A naval power "by the Pillars of Hercules" of superior culture and technology, which conquered much of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 BC. For eons its secrets were lost to the world, but no more. In our time of strife and uncertainty, Atlantis has risen from the waves to rule once again. Our clan is based on principles that bring success and camaraderie: * Res...
Average Score2,145.7
Score Range1,302-3,124
Clan War Record8/12 (66.7%)
Clan Game Record353/630 (56.0%)
BoganGod (Leader), Genoke (Leader), shoop76 (Leader), alstergren, anonymus, b00060, Crash_22, EagleByRob, ElectrickShock, GallantPellham, jigger1986, kevlove102, morleyjoe, ndrs, queen victorious, SC MAN, shaneback, Teflon Kris

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1341Atlantis vs Grim Reapers - Jul 2014ATL VS GR 2014-07-25 - 2014-09-20War Active/ Games ActiveATL 27 VS GR 12 Details
1312CL6 QG6 - RGX vs ATLRGX VS ATL 2014-07-14 - 2014-07-31War Complete/ Games InactiveRGX 5 VS ATL 3 The Royal GalaxyDetails
1311CL6 QG6 - ATL vs RGXATL VS RGX2014-07-10 - 2014-07-20War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 3 VS RGX 5 The Royal GalaxyDetails
1304CL6 QG6 - ATL vs TOFUATL VS TOFU 2014-06-30 - 2014-08-04War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 3 VS TOFU 5 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
1303CL6 QG6 - TOFU vs ATLTOFU VS ATL 2014-07-01 - 2014-07-23War Complete/ Games InactiveTOFU 6 VS ATL 2 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
1300CL6 QG6 - ATL vs TNCATL VS TNC 2014-06-11 - 2014-06-29War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 3 VS TNC 5 The New CrusadeDetails
1299CL6 QG6 - TNC vs ATLTNC VS ATL 2014-06-12 - 2014-07-06War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 4 VS ATL 4 The New CrusadeDetails
1296CL6 QG6 - ATL vs GONATL VS GoN2014-05-27 - 2014-06-24War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 3 VS GoN 5 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
1295CL6 QG6 - GON vs ATLGoN VS ATL 2014-06-02 - 2014-07-05War Complete/ Games InactiveGoN 3 VS ATL 5 AtlantisDetails
1290CL6 QG6 - LOTZ vs ATLLOTZ VS ATL 2014-05-18 - 2014-06-15War Complete/ Games InactiveLOTZ 4 VS ATL 4 AtlantisDetails
1289CL6 QG6 - ATL vs LOTZATL VS LOTZ 2014-05-18 - 2014-06-08War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 7 VS LOTZ 1 AtlantisDetails
1113[RC] Atlantis vs One Step Ahead - March 2014ATL VS OSA 2014-03-29 - 2014-06-03War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 26 VS OSA 35 One Step AheadDetails
1111One Step Ahead vs Atlantis - March 2014OSA VS ATL 2014-03-17 - 2014-05-17War Complete/ Games InactiveOSA 22 VS ATL 19 One Step AheadDetails
667Les Hussards du Dragon vs Atlantis - Jan 2014LHDD VS ATL 2014-01-10 - 2014-03-05War Complete/ Games InactiveLHDD 22 VS ATL 19 Les Hussards du DragonDetails
666Atlantis vs The Royal Galaxy - Dec 2013ATL VS RGX2013-12-31 - 2014-04-19War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 32 VS RGX 29 AtlantisDetails
661The Odd Fellows Union vs Atlantis - Nov 2013TOFU VS ATL 2013-12-02 - 2014-02-17War Complete/ Games InactiveTOFU 37 VS ATL 24 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
656Atlantis vs A Question of Honour - Nov 2013ATL VS AQOH 2013-11-16 - 2014-01-08War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 27 VS AQOH 14 AtlantisDetails
629Atlantis vs Fire and Dice - Sept 2013ATL VS FAD2013-10-11 - 2013-12-20War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 50 VS FAD 11 AtlantisDetails
621Atlantis vs Risk Attackers - Aug 2013ATL VS RA 2013-08-12 - 2013-10-08War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 21 VS RA 20 AtlantisDetails
619Risk Attackers vs Atlantis - Aug 2013RA VS ATL 2013-09-03 - 2013-11-15War Complete/ Games ActiveRA 29 VS ATL 31 AtlantisDetails
585Atlantis vs The Fallen - Jul 2013ATL VS FALL2013-06-05 - 2013-07-26War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 22 VS FALL 19 AtlantisDetails
568Atlantis vs Fiso - Jun 2013ATL VS FISO2013-05-09 - 2013-06-25War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 30 VS FISO 11 AtlantisDetails
545Atlantis vs A Question of Honour - Apr 2013ATL VS AQOH 2013-04-03 - 2013-04-27War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 25 VS AQOH 16 AtlantisDetails