Da Club Is In Da House

Conquer Club


We are friends, we are family, we are THE PACK!
Average Score2,576.9
Score Range1,513-4,748
Clan War Record17/19 (89.5%)
Clan Game Record625/1019 (61.3%)
jghost7 (Leader), jltile1 (Leader), John Deere (Leader), smegal69 (Leader), Belgian Blue, buckman341, D00MandD3A7H, davsweeney, Demonic, douitashimashite, Emmdizzle, FBK 25, gambler21210, geots, Gonakuruto, grifftron, hudds, jax75, JCKing, Kaskavel, Maert, mc05025, MSex, MyTurnToWin, neva, Otnal, red42, simmons4, SirJohn13, slickstick, Sniper08, stahrgazer, tec805, theflycassanova, therev1957, Txflier

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1350The Pack vs. Les Hussards du Dragon - Sep 2014 PACK VS LHDD 2014-08-30 - 2014-10-24War Active/ Games ActivePACK 20 VS LHDD 34 Details
1328The Pack vs A Question of Honour - May 2014PACK VS AQOH 2014-06-11 - 2014-08-06War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 26 VS AQOH 15 THE PACKDetails
1097The Pack vs Legends of War - Feb 2014PACK VS LOW 2014-02-18 - 2014-05-09War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 38 VS LOW 23 THE PACKDetails
665Generation One: The Clan vs The Pack - Dec 2013G1 VS PACK 2013-12-14 - 2014-03-05War Complete/ Games InactiveG1 15 VS PACK 36 THE PACKDetails
654The Pack vs Les Hussards Du Dragon - Nov 2013PACK VS LHDD 2013-11-08 - 2013-12-27War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 30 VS LHDD 11 THE PACKDetails
614One Step Ahead vs The Pack - Aug 2013OSA VS PACK 2013-08-16 - 2013-11-07War Complete/ Games InactiveOSA 27 VS PACK 34 THE PACKDetails
558The New Crusade vs THE PACK - Jun 2013TNC VS PACK 2013-04-08 - 2013-06-04War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 22 VS PACK 19 The New CrusadeDetails
507The Odd Fellows Union vs THE PACK - Jan 2013TOFU VS PACK 2012-10-16 - 2013-01-09War Complete/ Games InactiveTOFU 32 VS PACK 29 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
453THE PACK vs The Imperial Dragoons - Sep 2012PACK VS ID 2012-07-16 - 2012-09-25War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 37 VS ID 24 THE PACKDetails
418THE PACK vs Risk Attackers - Jul 2012PACK VS RA 2012-05-11 - 2012-07-14War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 34 VS RA 7 THE PACKDetails
373THE PACK vs EMPIRE - Apr 2012PACK VS EMP2012-01-27 - 2012-04-13War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 38 VS EMP 23 THE PACKDetails
336THE PACK vs Mythology - Jan 2012PACK VS MYTH 2011-11-13 - 2012-01-05War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 39 VS MYTH 22 THE PACKDetails
316THE PACK vs The Immortal Assassins - Nov 2011PACK VS IA2011-09-11 - 2011-11-12War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 28 VS IA 23 THE PACKDetails
279THE PACK vs One Step Ahead - Jul 2011PACK VS OSA 2011-06-09 - 2011-07-15War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 25 VS OSA 18 THE PACKDetails
276THE PACK vs Grim Reapers - Jul 2011PACK VS GR 2011-06-10 - 2011-07-08War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 26 VS GR 17 THE PACKDetails
256THE PACK vs Black Sheep Squadron - Jun 2011PACK VS Clan 1262011-03-23 - 2011-05-30War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 39 VS Clan 126 21 THE PACKDetails
251THE PACK vs Spelunkers of Hell - May 2011PACK VS SoH 2011-04-19 - 2011-05-25War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 27 VS SoH 16 THE PACKDetails
232THE PACK vs Welsh Dragons - Apr 2011PACK VS Clan 1752011-03-11 - 2011-04-19War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 31 VS Clan 175 12 THE PACKDetails
229THE PACK vs Always Kicking Ass - Apr 2011PACK VS AKA2011-02-07 - 2011-04-08War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 42 VS AKA 18 THE PACKDetails
221THE PACK vs Kill On Arrival - Mar 2011PACK VS KOA 2011-01-07 - 2011-03-18War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 27 VS KOA 14 THE PACKDetails