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The Immortal Assassins
The Death you never saw coming. Join us, or sleep with one eye open.
Average Score2,666.5
Score Range1,459-4,530
Clan War Record13/20 (65.0%)
Clan Game Record498/930 (53.5%)
Agent 86 (Leader), lokisgal (Leader), VampireM (Leader), 300spartans, 4red, Aaarrrrggh, ahunda, beersurfer, BRADDY, Clive, Colonel Krink, Comet1612, cutebastard71, DreadCat, FarangDemon, Forza AZ, grt, JBoy, jimboy, JustCallMeStupid, KiIIface, King_Herpes, lgoasklucyl, PROFITS, Pyrhhus, Redfelt, SeriouslyANewb, Stbtgal, TheProwler, vintender, Wild_Tiger

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1351The Immortal Assassins vs Phoenix - Aug 2014IA VS PHNX2014-08-28 - 2014-09-20War Active/ Games ActiveIA 7 VS PHNX 9 Details
1160CL6 QG1 - IA vs VVVIA VS VVV 2014-07-13 - 2014-08-05War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 7 VS VVV 1 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1159CL6 QG1 - VVV vs IAVVV VS IA2014-07-10 - 2014-08-06War Complete/ Games InactiveVVV 3 VS IA 5 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1155CL6 QG1 - IA vs FALLIA VS FALL2014-06-24 - 2014-07-23War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 5 VS FALL 3 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1154CL6 QG1 - FALL vs IAFALL VS IA2014-06-28 - 2014-07-27War Complete/ Games InactiveFALL 5 VS IA 3 The FallenDetails
1151CL6 QG1 - IA vs BPBIA VS BPB - War Complete/ Games NoneIA 0 VS BPB 0 The Immortal Assassins, The Bullet-Proof BanditsDetails
1150CL6 QG1 - BPB vs IABPB VS IA - War Complete/ Games NoneBPB 0 VS IA 0 The Bullet-Proof Bandits, The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1145CL6 QG1 - AQOH vs IAAQOH VS IA2014-05-28 - 2014-06-22War Complete/ Games InactiveAQOH 1 VS IA 7 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1144CL6 QG1 - IA vs AQOHIA VS AQOH 2014-05-27 - 2014-07-08War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 6 VS AQOH 2 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1137CL6 QG1 - LHDD vs IALHDD VS IA2014-05-15 - 2014-06-26War Complete/ Games InactiveLHDD 4 VS IA 4 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1136CL6 QG1 - IA vs LHDDIA VS LHDD 2014-05-16 - 2014-06-10War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 6 VS LHDD 2 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1119The Immortal Assasins vs One Step Ahead - March 2014IA VS OSA 2014-03-25 - 2014-06-12War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 23 VS OSA 18 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1068CL5 - QG5 - IA vs AQOHIA VS AQOH - War CompleteIA 12 VS AQOH 4 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1067CL5 - QG5 - IA vs MDIA VS MD - War CompleteIA 12 VS MD 4 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1066CL5 - QG5 - IA vs TFFSIA VS TFFS - War CompleteIA 13 VS TFFS 3 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1065CL5 - QG5 - IA vs MMIA VS MM - War CompleteIA 10 VS MM 6 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
1064CL5 - QG5 - IA vs OTPIA VS OTP - War CompleteIA 7 VS OTP 9 OtpisaniDetails
790CL5 - Premier League - TNC v IATNC VS IA2013-10-30 - 2013-11-15War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 0 VS IA 8 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
781CL5 - Premier League - IA v KORTIA VS KORT 2013-11-05 - 2013-11-23War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 4 VS KORT 4 The Immortal Assassins, Knights of the Round TableDetails
776CL5 - Premier League - MYTH v IAMYTH VS IA2013-10-13 - 2013-12-05War Complete/ Games InactiveMYTH 2 VS IA 6 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
774CL5 - Premier League - IA v LOWIA VS LOW 2013-10-22 - 2013-11-14War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 2 VS LOW 6 Legends of WarDetails
767CL5 - Premier League - OTP v IAOTP VS IA2013-10-10 - 2013-11-14War Complete/ Games InactiveOTP 3 VS IA 5 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
763CL5 - Premier League - IA v WARIA VS WAR2013-10-05 - 2013-10-22War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 6 VS WAR 2 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
754CL5 - Premier League - FOED v IAFOED VS IA2013-09-22 - 2013-09-30War Complete/ Games InactiveFOED 1 VS IA 7 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
747CL5 - Premier League - IA v AFOSIA VS AFOS2013-09-08 - 2013-09-30War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 7 VS AFOS 1 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
744CL5 - Premier League - PIG v IAPIG VS IA2013-09-03 - 2013-09-28War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 3 VS IA 5 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
737CL5 - Premier League - IA v FALLIA VS FALL2013-08-22 - 2013-10-16War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 5 VS FALL 3 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
735CL5 - Premier League - IA v TNCIA VS TNC 2013-08-20 - 2013-10-07War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 6 VS TNC 2 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
726CL5 - Premier League - KORT v IAKORT VS IA2013-08-08 - 2013-09-18War Complete/ Games InactiveKORT 4 VS IA 4 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
721CL5 - Premier League - IA v MYTHIA VS MYTH 2013-08-10 - 2013-09-25War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 5 VS MYTH 3 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
719CL5 - Premier League - LOW v IALOW VS IA2013-07-29 - 2013-08-20War Complete/ Games InactiveLOW 7 VS IA 1 Legends of WarDetails
712CL5 - Premier League - IA v OTPIA VS OTP 2013-07-30 - 2013-08-20War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 4 VS OTP 4 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
708CL5 - Premier League - WAR v IAWAR VS IA2013-07-09 - 2013-07-25War Complete/ Games InactiveWAR 5 VS IA 3 Warriors At RiskDetails
699CL5 - Premier League - IA v FOEDIA VS FOED 2013-06-28 - 2013-07-13War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 5 VS FOED 3 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
692CL5 - Premier League - AFOS v IAAFOS VS IA2013-06-24 - 2013-07-16War Complete/ Games InactiveAFOS 3 VS IA 5 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
689CL5 - Premier League - IA v PIGIA VS PIG2013-06-13 - 2013-07-20War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 7 VS PIG 1 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
682CL5 - Premier League - FALL v IAFALL VS IA2013-06-15 - 2013-08-07War Complete/ Games InactiveFALL 3 VS IA 5 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
658The Spanking Monkeys v The Immortal Assasins - Nov 2013TSM VS IA2013-11-26 - 2014-03-14War Complete/ Games InactiveTSM 33 VS IA 28 The Spanking MonkeysDetails
640The Immortal Assassins vs Memento Mori - Sept 2013IA VS MM2013-09-12 - 2013-12-13War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 35 VS MM 26 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
587The Immortal Assassins vs ++The Legion++ - Jul 2013IA VS LEG2013-06-01 - 2013-07-29War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 28 VS LEG 13 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
547The Immortal Assassins vs The Pig Renters - May 2013IA VS PIG2013-02-13 - 2013-04-30War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 36 VS PIG 25 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
521The Immortal Assassins vs The New Crusade - Mar 2013IA VS TNC 2012-11-26 - 2013-03-02War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 30 VS TNC 11 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
445A Fistful of Sixes vs The Immortal Assassins - Sep 2012AFOS VS IA2012-07-08 - 2012-09-11War Complete/ Games InactiveAFOS 33 VS IA 28 A Fistful of SixesDetails
411The Immortal Assassins vs The Headless Horsemen - Jul 2012IA VS HH 2012-05-09 - 2012-07-01War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 23 VS HH 18 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
354The Immortal Assassins vs The Brethren of the Fat Mermaid - Feb 2012IA VS Clan 1642011-12-10 - 2012-02-20War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 32 VS Clan 164 29 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
316THE PACK vs The Immortal Assassins - Nov 2011PACK VS IA2011-09-11 - 2011-11-12War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 28 VS IA 23 THE PACKDetails
275Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs The Immortal Assassins - Jul 2011FOED VS IA2011-05-07 - 2011-06-24War Complete/ Games InactiveFOED 29 VS IA 12 Fraternal Order of Exceptional DrinkersDetails
241EMPIRE vs The Immortal Assassins - May 2011EMP VS IA2011-02-22 - 2011-05-04War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 22 VS IA 20 EMPIREDetails
237The Immortal Assassins vs Risk Attackers - May 2011IA VS RA 2011-03-21 - 2011-04-30War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 30 VS RA 11 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
184Legends of War vs The Immortal Assassins - Aug 2010LOW VS IA2010-05-04 - 2010-08-12War Complete/ Games InactiveLOW 24 VS IA 16 Legends of WarDetails
133The Immortal Assassins vs Agents of Chaos - Apr 2010IA VS AoC2010-03-15 - 2010-05-12War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 27 VS AoC 21 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
117The Immortal Assassins vs The Imperial Dragoons - Mar 2010IA VS ID 2009-10-20 - 2010-03-02War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 22 VS ID 20 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
89The Immortal Assassins vs The Bullet-Proof Bandits - Aug 2009IA VS BPB2009-07-06 - 2009-08-24War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 24 VS BPB 16 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
55The Spanking Monkeys vs The Immortal Assassins - May 2009TSM VS IA2009-03-09 - 2009-05-08War Complete/ Games InactiveTSM 22 VS IA 18 The Spanking MonkeysDetails
45The Immortal Assassins vs The Regulators - Feb 2009IA VS Clan 1682009-01-05 - 2009-03-11War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 25 VS Clan 168 15 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
29The Immortal Assassins vs Angels of Death - Dec 2008IA VS AoD - 2008-12-04War Complete/ Games NoneIA 11 VS AoD 9 The Immortal AssassinsDetails