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The Pig Renters
We are a new ambitious competitive clan, adhering to the one clan policy, trying to make their mark on the clan world with.
Average Score1,913.0
Score Range1,012-2,672
Clan War Record13/19 (68.4%)
Clan Game Record568/1057 (53.7%)
alt1978 (Leader), Coconutt (Leader), Gunn217 (Leader), ukberger (Leader), Arya, Beer Baron, bobafart, Conchobar, cookie0117, cpm, Dibbler, eggrollonedolla, f.o.b., Ickyketseddie, IR1SH ACE, JCR, joe snuffy, lalalala777, MarathonMax, mr. CD, padsta, patrickaa317, PereiroSaus, rabid_rabbit, seechster, Sprinkles, WILLIAMS5232

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1109The Headless Horsemen vs The Pig Renters - March 2014HH VS PIG2014-03-06 - 2014-05-02War Complete/ Games InactiveHH 15 VS PIG 26 The Pig RentersDetails
1024CL5 - QG1 - PIG vs FisoPIG VS FISO - War CompletePIG 12 VS FISO 4 The Pig RentersDetails
1023CL5 - QG1 - PIG vs DBCPIG VS DBC - War CompletePIG 11 VS DBC 5 The Pig RentersDetails
1022CL5 - QG1 - PIG vs GRPIG VS GR - War CompletePIG 11 VS GR 5 The Pig RentersDetails
1021CL5 - QG1 - PIG vs LEGPIG VS LEG - War CompletePIG 12 VS LEG 4 The Pig RentersDetails
1016CL5 - QG1 - TOFU vs PIGTOFU VS PIG - War CompleteTOFU 12 VS PIG 4 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
788CL5 - Premier League - AFOS v PIGAFOS VS PIG2013-10-28 - 2013-12-13War Complete/ Games InactiveAFOS 4 VS PIG 4 A Fistful of Sixes, The Pig RentersDetails
780CL5 - Premier League - PIG v FALLPIG VS FALL2013-10-19 - 2013-10-28War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 3 VS FALL 5 The FallenDetails
771CL5 - Premier League - TNC v PIGTNC VS PIG2013-10-16 - 2013-10-29War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 3 VS PIG 5 The Pig RentersDetails
769CL5 - Premier League - PIG v KORTPIG VS KORT 2013-10-07 - 2013-10-26War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 5 VS KORT 3 The Pig RentersDetails
764CL5 - Premier League - MYTH v PIGMYTH VS PIG2013-10-04 - 2013-11-12War Complete/ Games InactiveMYTH 6 VS PIG 2 MythologyDetails
760CL5 - Premier League - PIG v LOWPIG VS LOW 2013-09-19 - 2013-10-02War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 4 VS LOW 4 Legends of WarDetails
755CL5 - Premier League - PIG v OTPPIG VS OTP 2013-09-19 - 2013-10-01War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 4 VS OTP 4 The Pig RentersDetails
746CL5 - Premier League - WAR v PIGWAR VS PIG2013-08-31 - 2013-09-22War Complete/ Games InactiveWAR 5 VS PIG 3 Warriors At RiskDetails
744CL5 - Premier League - PIG v IAPIG VS IA2013-09-03 - 2013-09-28War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 3 VS IA 5 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
736CL5 - Premier League - FOED v PIGFOED VS PIG2013-08-21 - 2013-10-05War Complete/ Games InactiveFOED 4 VS PIG 4 The Pig RentersDetails
733CL5 - Premier League - PIG v AFOSPIG VS AFOS2013-08-22 - 2013-09-07War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 6 VS AFOS 2 The Pig RentersDetails
725CL5 - Premier League - FALL v PIGFALL VS PIG2013-08-07 - 2013-10-02War Complete/ Games InactiveFALL 5 VS PIG 3 The FallenDetails
716CL5 - Premier League - PIG v TNCPIG VS TNC 2013-07-23 - 2013-08-28War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 4 VS TNC 4 The New CrusadeDetails
714CL5 - Premier League - KORT v PIGKORT VS PIG2013-07-27 - 2013-08-22War Complete/ Games InactiveKORT 6 VS PIG 2 Knights of the Round TableDetails
709CL5 - Premier League - PIG v MYTHPIG VS MYTH 2013-07-05 - 2013-08-20War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 5 VS MYTH 3 The Pig RentersDetails
705CL5 - Premier League - LOW v PIGLOW VS PIG2013-07-09 - 2013-08-26War Complete/ Games InactiveLOW 4 VS PIG 4 The Pig RentersDetails
700CL5 - Premier League - OTP v PIGOTP VS PIG2013-06-23 - 2013-07-19War Complete/ Games InactiveOTP 7 VS PIG 1 OtpisaniDetails
691CL5 - Premier League - PIG v WARPIG VS WAR2013-06-21 - 2013-07-17War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 5 VS WAR 3 The Pig RentersDetails
689CL5 - Premier League - IA v PIGIA VS PIG2013-06-13 - 2013-07-20War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 7 VS PIG 1 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
681CL5 - Premier League - PIG v FOEDPIG VS FOED 2013-06-16 - 2013-07-14War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 4 VS FOED 4 Fraternal Order of Exceptional DrinkersDetails
641The Fallen vs The Pig Renters - Oct 2013FALL VS PIG2013-10-13 - 2014-01-01War Complete/ Games InactiveFALL 29 VS PIG 20 The FallenDetails
620The Pig Renters vs The Fantastic Four-Skins - Aug 2013PIG VS TFFS 2013-08-15 - 2013-10-10War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 30 VS TFFS 21 The Pig RentersDetails
600Risk Attackers vs The Pig Renters - Aug 2013RA VS PIG2013-07-07 - 2013-08-25War Complete/ Games InactiveRA 24 VS PIG 17 Risk AttackersDetails
589The Pig Renters vs Memento Mori - Jul 2013PIG VS MM2013-05-22 - 2013-07-29War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 32 VS MM 29 The Pig RentersDetails
584The Pig Renters vs Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers - Jul 2013PIG VS FOED 2013-05-12 - 2013-07-24War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 39 VS FOED 34 The Pig RentersDetails
547The Immortal Assassins vs The Pig Renters - May 2013IA VS PIG2013-02-13 - 2013-04-30War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 36 VS PIG 25 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
532The Pig Renters vs Risk Attackers - Mar 2013PIG VS RA 2013-01-22 - 2013-03-29War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 30 VS RA 30 The Pig RentersDetails
511The Pig Renters vs Warriors At Risk - Jan 2013PIG VS WAR2012-11-02 - 2013-01-25War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 34 VS WAR 33 The Pig RentersDetails
474The Pig Renters vs DYNASTY - Nov 2012PIG VS DYN2012-10-22 - 2012-11-12War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 37 VS DYN 23 The Pig RentersDetails
459The Pig Renters vs Fiso - Oct 2012PIG VS FISO2012-09-03 - 2012-10-05War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 46 VS FISO 14 The Pig RentersDetails
451The Pig Renters vs The Fantastic Four-Skins - Sep 2012PIG VS TFFS 2012-06-30 - 2012-09-18War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 48 VS TFFS 43 The Pig RentersDetails
406One Step Ahead vs The Pig Renters - Jun 2012OSA VS PIG2012-04-25 - 2012-06-21War Complete/ Games InactiveOSA 22 VS PIG 19 One Step AheadDetails
385The Odd Fellows Union vs The Pig Renters - May 2012TOFU VS PIG2012-02-26 - 2012-05-05War Complete/ Games InactiveTOFU 33 VS PIG 18 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
366The Pig Renters vs de Veroveraars Der Lage Landen - Mar 2012PIG VS VDLL 2012-01-23 - 2012-03-21War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 42 VS VDLL 19 The Pig RentersDetails
299The Pig Renters vs Devil's Brigade - Sep 2011PIG VS DB 2011-06-20 - 2011-09-14War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 35 VS DB 25 The Pig RentersDetails
290The Pig Renters vs The New Crusade - Aug 2011PIG VS TNC 2011-07-06 - 2011-08-26War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 28 VS TNC 15 The Pig RentersDetails
255Grim Reapers vs The Pig Renters - May 2011GR VS PIG2011-04-16 - 2011-05-31War Complete/ Games InactiveGR 25 VS PIG 18 Grim ReapersDetails
230The Pig Renters vs Always Kicking Ass - Apr 2011PIG VS AKA2011-03-12 - 2011-04-20War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 24 VS AKA 19 The Pig RentersDetails