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Fire and Dice
Average Score1,735.0
Score Range947-2,424
Clan War Record2/10 (20.0%)
Clan Game Record235/637 (36.9%)
bergy1 (Leader), far2ezee (Leader), Razorvich (Leader), ADAIR410, Barum Boy, czar richard, dorsettrob, Enormastitz, Gabriel13, gigi_b, Groosum, Guderian09, jj4, jmarcotte, Joey3GA, JoshyBoy, KoE_Sirius, Metricsystemlove, nattyniz, PepeAtila, ProsthoDoc, saintagnes, shaz2, takman2k, THE_BLUEVIKING, TODRICH, Wile E Coyote, ztodd

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1645CL6 - Third Division - ATL vs FADATL VS FAD - War ATL 0 VS FAD 0 Details
1644CL6 - Third Division - FAD vs ATLFAD VS ATL - War FAD 0 VS ATL 0 Details
1629CL6 - Third Division - FAD vs HHFAD VS HH - War FAD 0 VS HH 0 Details
1628CL6 - Third Division - HH vs FADHH VS FAD - War HH 0 VS FAD 0 Details
1670Fire and Dice vs Splinter Cell - Dec 2014FAD VS SC - War Active/ Games NoneFAD 0 VS SC 0 Details
1669de Veroveraars Der Lage Landen vs Fire and Dice - Nov 2014VDLL VS FAD - War Active/ Games NoneVDLL 0 VS FAD 0 Details
1623CL6 - Third Division - FAD vs SOHFAD VS SoH 2014-11-27 - 2014-11-27War Active/ Games ActiveFAD 0 VS SoH 0 Details
1622CL6 - Third Division - SOH vs FADSoH VS FAD2014-11-27 - 2014-11-27War Active/ Games ActiveSoH 0 VS FAD 0 Details
1598CL6 - Third Division - FAD vs FISOFAD VS FISO2014-10-15 - 2014-11-27War Active/ Games ActiveFAD 3 VS FISO 4 Details
1338Fire and Dice vs Retribution - Jun 2014FAD VS RET2014-07-07 - 2014-10-26War Active/ Games InactiveFAD 14 VS RET 27 Details
1635CL6 - Third Division - FAD vs AOKFAD VS AOK - War HoldFAD 0 VS AOK 0 Details
1634CL6 - Third Division - AOK vs FADAOK VS FAD - War HoldAOK 0 VS FAD 0 Details
1617CL6 - Third Division - FAD vs GRFAD VS GR - War CompleteFAD 0 VS GR 0 Details
1616CL6 - Third Division - GR vs FADGR VS FAD - War CompleteGR 0 VS FAD 0 Details
1609CL6 - Third Division - KNT vs FADKNT VS FAD2014-11-02 - 2014-11-24War Complete/ Games InactiveKNT 7 VS FAD 1 Knights TemplarDetails
1608CL6 - Third Division - FAD vs KNTFAD VS KNT 2014-11-01 - 2014-11-17War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 5 VS KNT 3 Fire and DiceDetails
1599CL6 - Third Division - FISO vs FADFISO VS FAD2014-10-20 - 2014-11-25War Complete/ Games InactiveFISO 6 VS FAD 2 FisoDetails
1326Fire and Dice vs A Question of Honour - May 2014FAD VS AQOH 2014-06-11 - 2014-08-12War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 21 VS AQOH 28 A Question of HonourDetails
1323Venimus Vidimus Vicimus vs Fire and Dice - May 2014VVV VS FAD2014-06-03 - 2014-08-24War Complete/ Games InactiveVVV 29 VS FAD 32 Fire and DiceDetails
1222CL6 QG3 - FAD vs RAFAD VS RA 2014-07-09 - 2014-09-12War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 1 VS RA 7 Risk AttackersDetails
1221CL6 QG3 - RA vs FADRA VS FAD2014-07-17 - 2014-08-17War Complete/ Games InactiveRA 7 VS FAD 1 Risk AttackersDetails
1218CL6 QG3 - FAD vs VDLLFAD VS VDLL 2014-07-01 - 2014-07-22War Complete/ Games ActiveFAD 4 VS VDLL 4 Fire and Dice, de Veroveraars Der Lage LandenDetails
1217CL6 QG3 - VDLL vs FADVDLL VS FAD2014-06-29 - 2014-07-14War Complete/ Games InactiveVDLL 5 VS FAD 3 de Veroveraars Der Lage LandenDetails
1212CL6 QG3 - FOED vs FADFOED VS FAD2014-06-11 - 2014-06-27War Complete/ Games InactiveFOED 7 VS FAD 1 Fraternal Order of Exceptional DrinkersDetails
1211CL6 QG3 - FAD vs FOEDFAD VS FOED 2014-06-14 - 2014-07-05War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 1 VS FOED 7 Fraternal Order of Exceptional DrinkersDetails
1204CL6 QG3 - LOW vs FADLOW VS FAD2014-05-23 - 2014-07-16War Complete/ Games InactiveLOW 7 VS FAD 1 Legends of WarDetails
1203CL6 QG3 - FAD vs LOWFAD VS LOW 2014-05-30 - 2014-06-25War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 1 VS LOW 7 Legends of WarDetails
1196CL6 QG3 - FAD vs GRFAD VS GR 2014-05-10 - 2014-06-26War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 4 VS GR 4 Fire and DiceDetails
1195CL6 QG3 - GR vs FADGR VS FAD2014-05-15 - 2014-06-30War Complete/ Games InactiveGR 3 VS FAD 5 Fire and DiceDetails
1133Retribution vs Fire and Dice - April 2014RET VS FAD2014-05-09 - 2014-07-02War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 34 VS FAD 15 RetributionDetails
1124The Walking Dead vs Fire and Dice - March 2014TWD VS FAD2014-04-05 - 2014-05-17War Complete/ Games InactiveTWD 22 VS FAD 19 The Walking DeadDetails
1123Fire and Dice vs The New Crusade - March 2014FAD VS TNC 2014-04-09 - 2014-09-07War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 48 VS TNC 103 The New CrusadeDetails
1116Fire and Dice vs Generation One - March 2014FAD VS G12014-03-28 - 2014-05-09War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 21 VS G1 40 Generation OneDetails
677Fire and Dice vs Gladiators of Noxious - Jan 2014FAD VS GoN2014-01-22 - 2014-03-16War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 17 VS GoN 24 Gladiators of NoxiousDetails
663Fire and Dice vs The Headless Horsemen - Dec 2013FAD VS HH 2013-12-11 - 2014-02-10War Complete/ Games InactiveFAD 12 VS HH 29 The Headless HorsemenDetails
631Death by Comity vs Fire and Dice - Sept 2013DBC VS FAD2013-10-12 - 2013-12-21War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 16 VS FAD 25 Fire and DiceDetails
629Atlantis vs Fire and Dice - Sept 2013ATL VS FAD2013-10-11 - 2013-12-20War Complete/ Games InactiveATL 50 VS FAD 11 AtlantisDetails