Conquer Club


The Walking Dead
We are The Walking Dead. Aiming to have a laid back approach to the clan world and to have some fun. If you are interested in joining or want to arrange a clan war please contact sdh.
Average Score1,855.2
Score Range1,196-2,839
Clan War Record2/2 (100.0%)
Clan Game Record141/253 (55.7%)
sdh (Leader), afroaction, Alexkabooms, Andrito, bebis72, bigg chief, bosche, CrashAWC, DavDanilo, Demen, DetroitSteel, erv, Greg Bishop, Kschame1, macken, madmom, Mass Miracle, Mc Lor, millondollarman, MyTurnToWin, sekretar, Shaun850, Sirius Kase, soundman, supermtt6, Taylor Bishop, tony1973, Zhukov1968, ZONDA

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1124The Walking Dead vs Fire and Dice - March 2014TWD VS FAD2014-04-05 - 2014-04-21War Active/ Games ActiveTWD 15 VS FAD 13 Details
1120Gladiators of Noxious vs The Walking Dead - March 2014GoN VS TWD2014-04-01 - 2014-04-21War Active/ Games ActiveGoN 11 VS TWD 12 Details
1095The Walking Dead vs Knights Templar - Feb 2014TWD VS KNT 2014-02-13 - 2014-04-20War Active/ Games InactiveTWD 38 VS KNT 23 Details
1094The Walking Dead vs Riders on the Storm - Feb 2014TWD VS RotS 2014-02-15 - 2014-04-20War Active/ Games ActiveTWD 31 VS RotS 28 Details
679The Walking Dead vs Fiso - Jan 2014TWD VS FISO2014-01-18 - 2014-03-08War Complete/ Games InactiveTWD 23 VS FISO 18 The Walking DeadDetails
678Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus vs The Walking Dead - Jan 2014VVV VS TWD2014-01-11 - 2014-02-09War Complete/ Games InactiveVVV 19 VS TWD 22 The Walking DeadDetails