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MEGAEGG: The Eggcellent Design Contest

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MEGAEGG: The Eggcellent Design Contest

Postby Gabriel13 on Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:21 pm

The Eggcellent Design Contest

Welcome all!

Like last year, we will be holding an Easter Egg Design contest with the same format. If you're not familiar with last year's contest, here's how it goes.

You will be designing 1-5 easter eggs that you think would be the best for our inventory items during the MEGAEGG event. They can be anything you want at all. These designs will be judged by me along with other Team CC members.

Again, eggs will be awarded for all entries and even more for winning entries! Winners will also receive a General Achievement medal.

1st Place winner- 15 eggs and General Achievement Medal
2nd Place winner- 10 eggs and General Achievement Medal
3rd Place winner- 5 eggs and General Achievement Medal
4th Place winner- 2 eggs and General Achievement Medal
5th Place winner- General Achievement Medal
All entries will receive 1 egg each, max of 5 entries

Entries MUST be 70x70 pixels to be entered into this contest. All inventory item images must be this size.
No GIFs allowed and images must have a transparent background.
Upload to website (Photobucket, Imageshack) to get a direct URL
Entries will be PM'd to me, Gabriel13, with the subject "Egg Design Contest" by CCT: 2014-04-02 18:00:00
You may send anywhere from 1-5 entries

1st Place:Stealth99
2nd Place:Dakky21
3rd Place:Jonofperu
4th Place:Dakky21
5th Place: Jonofperu
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