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2024 CC Olympics

Postby shoop76 on Tue Jul 09, 2024 6:05 am



Hello CC! Here we go again, the 2024 Paris Olympics is right around the corner, we wil be bringing back the Olympics. Can your tribe walk away with the title? Can you take individual glory?
In 2022 WTF claimed the title. Who will follow?

As before, the event will have its Tribes scoreboard with generous prizes. You don't have to be part of tribe to participate.
Everything will be automated, there is no need to sign up.


  • Time for tribe allocation to be set as 23:59 CCT, July 31. Also you have to LOG IN before that time, and that is when it assigns your tribe membership. So it will assign you to the last tribe you are in when you log into the site before 23:59 CCT, July 31.
    If you change Tribe after this date/time, your score will still count for the Tribe you were until the "lock".
  • In some tournament you may see an asterisk « * » by some settings, this mean all listed settings will be spread evenly through the set of game for a round.

Current active Tribes are 4 Primitives & 13 Advanced, if you want to create a new Tribe, check this thread that will tell you how to proceed.

How to Play

  • There are 31 auto-tournaments running on a schedule accessible from the scoreboard page.
  • You can join each tournament once.
  • Kind of medals reward is depending on the size and nature of the event.
  • There are a few major tournaments that you join to win Platinum Medals!
  • All tournaments are giving out a Participation Ribbons to each player.

Scoring System:

  • Image Platinum Medal: 7 points
  • Image Gold Medal: 5 points
  • Image Silver Medal: 3 points
  • Image Bronze Medal: 1 point
  • Image Participation Ribbon: 0.2 point


As well as holding the crown of CC Olympic Champion Tribe (currently WTF is the defending Champion), the winning Tribe will receive:
That brand new Platinum Tribes Plaque Image, Image 15,000 shared among the Tribe, and Image for each tribe member who participated in the event.

The Tribe finishing 2nd will receive a Gold Tribes Plaque Image

The Tribe finishing 3rd will receive a Silver Tribes Plaque Image

The Tribes finishing 4th & 5th will receive a Bronze Tribes Plaque Image


  • Image Red Star - 1st Place
  • Image Green Star - 2nd Place
  • Image Blue Star - 3rd Place to 5th Place
  • Image Yellow Star - 6th Place - 10th Place
  • Image Challenge Achievement Medal - 30 points

  • Image General Achievement Medal - 11 points

Tournament List:
Opening Ceremonies - (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Catch the Eurostar - (Silver, Bronze)

Freestylin' at the Greek Islands - (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Pull the Pousse-Pousse - (Silver, Bronze)

Europa Flyover - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Never Interrupt the Enemies Mistake - (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze, Bronze, Bronze)

Feudal Zombies - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

New World Orders - (Silver, Bronze)

Big World Bumbles - (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

True Spoils of War - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Ride with the Jetfoil - (Silver, Bronze)

The European Project - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Trench Mess Nuked - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

All Quiet on the Western Front - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Oh Well... - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Speed Bulging - (Silver, Bronze)

Pick a Chute - (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

In the Trenches - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

0606 - (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Feudal Party - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Flanders Spanders - (Silver, Bronze)

Paris Marathon - (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Nostalgic Event - (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Holidays is Holidays! - (Silver, Bronze)

Luxxy Mush - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Europoly - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Assnoodle - (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Digging France - (Silver, Bronze)

Looking at the Big Picture - (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Speed Finale - (Silver, Bronze)

Closing Ceremonies - (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

show: tournament link, draft
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