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Welcome koontz1973! (and few other news)

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Welcome koontz1973! (and few other news)

Postby thenobodies80 on Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:55 pm

Hello everyone,

as you have certainly noticed there has been some important changes in the few hours. Althought I'm sad to see Andy and Lack go, I'm confident that the new admins are willing to give us all the support we need. I want to see this like a big opportunity for a sort of Foundry Renaissance. Maybe it's time to change the point of view also for us.

I'm going to apply some changes/do things in the next future to give you the best friendly and fun foundry you can have.
I think that for too much time we were too much worried about how many people work on maps. Yeah, I know we are a small group...but afterall what we do here it's not something everyone can or want to do on this site. I don't want to say we're an elite...but certainly we're an important niche of this site. So, if we have to be few..I don't care.
The important thing is that those who want to produce maps can enjoy the foundry process and the foundry forum. I can't see clearly the way now, but step after step we will keep what we really need and we throw away the rest, we will try to give you all the things you asked and you need.


As first act of this transition period I'm going to announce that koontz will help us in an official capicity. He should have got his pair of blue shoes as I write this post, so let's the magic begins!...his name has turned to a wonderful blue color!

Please, let's give (again) a big welcome to koontz1973

He has helped us in the last 6 months with the drafting room and we think he is doing an excellent job. He has showed skill and he is certainly willing to help everyone.
He will continue to follow the drafting room, but when necessary he will help us also with other departments.

Welcome aboard koontz! =D>


Now, after having given a warm welcome to the new guy, there're are a couple of other things I would like to say:

In the past months it has been brought to my attention that the current dot we use for the map topics are not really userfriendly. Infact it seems that colorblind people has problems to distinguish the red and the green dot in the main foundry. For this reason we've produced a new set of dots and we will replace the old dots as soon as the new ones are uploaded.

This is a preview of the new dots:
Image - DRAFT
Image - XML
Image - BETA


Then, Lack has given us an xml update few months ago and when I gave the announcement I promised to you all an updated version of our xml guide. After I've been slacking on the matter for a couple of months I've restarted to work on it and I'm close to the completion. So, since I work much better with deadlines, I'm going to promise that I will release it before the end of November, I hope earlier. Sorry for the delay. O:)

Last but not the least, we're still working on collecting and checking the informations into the map database. Also this project is at a good status and as soon as all the data are completed and the public side of it released (it needs some programming), we will have the map gallery that is worth this site.
In the meanwhile I want to discuss with you a couple of items that I think need a public discussion. I'm going to start dedicated topics to such elements, but essentially they are map tags and complexity levels.
You can take part to the discussion clicking here (complexity) or here (map tags), you can leave there your thoughts and contribute to build this site to suit your needs! :)


As you can see there's a couple of items we're currently working on and some others that we would like to remove from our to-do/wish list. Like I said earlier, the revolution has began...we will see where it will bring us. ;)

More news will come soon, stay tuned!
Have a great day
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Thanks to those who helped me through the years. :)
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Re: Welcome koontz1973! (and few other news)

Postby cairnswk on Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:28 pm

Congrats koontz1973 on yo-ur new blue shoes =D> :)
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Re: Welcome koontz1973! (and few other news)

Postby x-raider on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:40 am

cairnswk wrote:Congrats koontz1973 on yo-ur new blue shoes =D> :)

Ditto =D>
And thanks for all the good great work.
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