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Selma & CrimsonDeath - suspected multis

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Selma & CrimsonDeath - suspected multis

Postby robyblade on Wed Apr 25, 2007 12:18 pm

These are suspected Multis

Suspect users: Selma & CrimsonDeath

Game number:

  • They played and talked always at the same time.
  • They did several times the same error (refresh past writing in the chat).
  • In a situation of evidence of crimsondeat advantage Selma atttacked me instead of Crimsondeath.
  • At the start selma attacked me in a territory where he didn't have advantage, leaving only 1 troop in 2 states in a continent were all the other territory were under crimsondeath's control. When i asked him why he did it he says:
    2007-04-23 23:18:02 - robyblade: why do you want to give mordor to green as a gift?
    2007-04-23 23:22:45 - Selma: Perhaps he will allow me to take Gondor without opposition :)
    2007-04-23 23:23:55 - CrimsonDeath: I will allow you to take Gondor temporarily. I will destroy you both tho. I'm that good :)

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