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[Official] - Abandoned Maps Policy

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[Official] - Abandoned Maps Policy

Postby thenobodies80 on Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:23 am

Every mapmaker, which is developing a map that has received at least the draft stamp, is the only responsible of his map project. Mapmakers are defined and specified in the first post of each map topic. They must follow and work on the map project from the start to the end (quenched status), obviously on stuff that match with their respective roles. Since this policy applies on every map project that has received at least the draft stamp, the Cartographer that oversees the Drafting Room, before to give the draft stamp, will post a friendly reminder to ensure that every mapmaker is well aware about the policy and the respective disciplinary actions used in case of abandonement

Every mapmaker starts with a clean record.

We've set a scale of 5 steps, each step determines a disciplinary action.

    1st Abandoned Map - Informal Warning and a spanking
    2nd Abandoned Map - Official Warning
    3rd Abandoned Map - 3 months of ban from starting any new map project having the same role that the mapmaker had in the production of the previously abandoned map.
    4th Abandoned Map - 6 months of ban from starting any new map project without taking into consideration the role that the mapmaker had in the production of the previously abandoned map.
    5th Abandoned Map - Permanent ban from mapmaking

Steps on the ladder system are not definitive, infact as every mapmaker can move up to the next step for each abandoned map project, he can also move back to a previous one for each completed map.
But be careful because there're two important things to bear in mind:
- Mapmakers can not use any previous quenched map project to avoid a future disciplinary action.
- If a mapmaker reaches the 5th step of this ladder system there's no way to go back. Permanent banning is definitive.

Additional Notes:
- If you don't have time for a project and it's a temporary thing, you can use vacation.
- Cartographers always apply the vacation status on a map when it's moved into the bin. So, from that moment you will have 6 additional months to "save" your map.
- Uncommon or extraordinary situations will be evaluated case by case.
- The Cartographer that oversees the Abandoned Maps policy is thenobodies80
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