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Greetings To New Players

The SoC Training Academy and its Training Grounds provide basic training for new and old members looking to enhance their game strategy. "Train a Cook today, lose to a Sergeant tomorrow"

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Greetings To New Players

Postby oldrisky44 on Fri May 27, 2011 5:53 pm

The SoC Training Academy welcomes you to Conquer Club. We mentor new members here at CC. Our teaching staff is made up of competitive gamers just like you who are willing to share tactics and game playing tips to help new players get off to a good start.

Here at the SoC Training Academy, we specialize in teaching 6-man Terminator escalating style games on the Classic Map. Terminator style games are a great way to keep up your points while learning the ins and outs of game play. Graduates of our basic training can obtain help in other styles and game settings as well. Our goal is to help in making your experience playing Conquer Club as fun and competitive as possible.

Feel free to browse our public forum, we have some basic strategy hints and lists of open games posted.

If you want the SoC Training Academy to help you, post introducing yourself in the thread below titled "Sign up here for training". You will then be placed in one of our Training Grounds sub-forums. They are not open to the Public.

We will teach you in a LIVE GAME SITUATION. In your Training Ground you may post for help in two games at a time. In each game, when your turn arrives, you may post what you think you should do; a teacher will then post what the teacher thinks you should do, and explain why.

As each game finishes then start a new game. You can play as many games and game types as you like, but only post games that meet our specifications. We start a bunch each week so you should have no trouble finding an open game.

Contact any SoC teacher or staff member if you have any questions.

Welcome to Conquer Club

The Academy Team
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