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Speed Games - Time available - Increase Time on Turn Button

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Speed Games - Time available - Increase Time on Turn Button

Postby lykoz on Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:21 am

Speed Games - Time available - Increase Time on Turn Button

We all like fast 1 or 2 minute time limit games for speed and to get game moving faster.
The problem is 1 minute is great at the start of the game, and for most of the game... But when we make big moves in late games, often time this is not enough... Furthermore overloaded servers/delays in servers from CC, or from our home networks may make timer run out at critical moments...

I would like to see games with options to increase the timer, only when neccessary. This could be a permanent option all the time, or you could use it only say every few turns with a cumulative effect if not used (i.e. every 4 turns you get a timer expansion open and if you dont use it in 8 turns you will have two...)
Either way I dont know what the details should be...
But I will state that an "increase time/duration" button that can be used when needed for certain turns through a 'button' would add a lot of value to CC speed games

This will allow us to have 1minute speed games, that move faster and increase fun... Whilst not running out of time in later times where it is vital to take many territories. You get best of both worlds... Speed in game... And also not having to sacrifice your strategy/good gameplay, due to timer, or server/home network delays.

As it stands we need to have 5 minute speed games to ensure people never run out of time... However this is highly cumbersome in speed games... People often start turn at the end of the timer... Or have several games at once... Which is ok.. But we need option to have a 1 minute fast flowing game, with ability to increase timer when required, only after you have "begun" your turn.

Sequential only
This type of option can only work in sequential, and not freestyle.

Thank you
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