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CC Dispatch [Issue 74.5: 23-06-12] Platoon Report

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CC Dispatch [Issue 74.5: 23-06-12] Platoon Report

Postby Leehar on Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:05 pm


Since the last newsletter, the Conquer Club Clan scene hit a significant milestone... the 400th Clan War was completed! Congratulations to Agents of Chaos on defeating Brethren of the Fat Mermaid in the 400th completed war. It's a milestone that represents the strength of the Clan Community and the effort of many volunteers, and is quite a reason to celebrate!

I'm proud to welcome IA star Swifte to our team as a dedicated CL4 reporter. I usually have to arm-wrestle people in here to write articles, and they don't always work out so great; but he actually volunteered for the job :o

Below is Swifte's first CL4 update, and you will soon see that he has been very thorough!
Qwert has also been considerate enough to show us a drafting of the rules for his vision of the Clan League, which may yet be an independent event or perhaps the official Clan League 5 of the future.
Consider commenting in viewtopic.php?f=438&t=170284 to help with the development of this event!

In other news, the second round of the CL4 knockout tournaments begins this week. For those of you that are in them, best of luck!

Clan Executive

CL4: By The Numbers by Swifte (IA)
show: CL4 By the Numbers

Qwert's Clan League by Qwert (Myth)


If you would like to apply to join the Clan News Team, PM Clan Executive, Leehar!
Our Section is also interested in resurrecting the Clan Spotlight feature, so if you're already an active Participant in the Active Challenges Sub-Forum, how about taking the opportunity to get a medal for reporting on the different Clan Wars in Progress?
Even if you're The War Organizer or a fond patriot of your clan and are already spending the time keeping track of your personal War Progress, spend a few minutes to write a few words and share the exciting events with the rest of the Clan World with your own column in the Dispatch :D

Submitting Your Own Articles

If you have a story for the Clan section you think the ConquerClub Community would find interesting, you can submit your articles to Leehar and you may just see your article published in the Newsletter!


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