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Tournament Newsletter Reference Guide

Postby sailorseal on Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:04 am

Issue 1: First Issue/How to Organise a Tournament Part 1
Issue 2: How to Organise a Tournament Part 2
Issue 3:New Editor/Tips
Issue 4:Optimus Prime Interview
Issue 5:Gilligan Interview
Issue 6:Steelhorse Interview
Issue 7:Tournament Style poll results/MarVal Interview
Issue 8:Gozar Interview
Issue 9:pjdonald Interview
Issue 10:Night Strike Interview
Issue 11:Physics=2MuchFD Interview
Issue 12:amazzony Interview
Issue 13:Sir. Ricco Interview
Issue 14:Natewolfman Interview
Issue 15:lord voldemort Interview
Issue 16:Tieryn Interview
Issue 17:jennifermarie Interview
Issue 18:Message From NightStrike/barterer2002 interview
Issue 19:Tournament Choice poll results/Serbia interview
Issue 20:brandoncfi interview
Issue 21:Tournament Director announcement/mushin interview
Issue 22:keiths31 interview
Issue 23:Godd interview
Issue 24:Note from Gilligan/White Moose interview
Issue 25:dittoeevee8888 interview
Issue 26:News:Tournament Contribution Medals/Arcee interview
Issue 27:brendan man interview
Issue 28:flexmaster33 interview
Issue 29:Lufsen75 interview
Issue 30:Tournament Director message/Marfski interview
Issue 31:Kilazul interview
Issue 32:SkywardsShadow interview
Issue 33:Fun Facts debuts/poptartpsycho18 interview
Issue 34:Fun Facts/Ryall55 interview
Issue 35:Fun Facts
Issue 36:Tournament Director message/Fun Fact/drake_259 interview
Issue 37:Layout update/Fun Facts/max is gr8 interview
Issue 38:Letters to the Editor/Fun Facts/News:Map Foundry/Luxurious interview
Issue 39:News:Beta Maps, 100 maps, turtle epidemic/Fun Facts/MEK interview
Issue 40:News:100 maps/Fun Facts/blakebowling interview
Issue 41:News:XML, callouts/Fun Facts/conquerAce interview
Issue 42:News:Game of the month, new maps/Fun Facts/samuelc812 interview
Issue 43:News: Optimus Prime retires/Fun Facts/hulmey interview
Issue 44:News: Classic and Middle Earth revamp/Fun Facts/qwert interview
Issue 45:Fun Facts
Issue 46:One year edition/Fun Facts/Tournament limelight: Championship series
Issue 47:Letters to the Editor/News:Tips from killmanic/Fun Facts
Issue 48:News: Multi-organiser tournament/Fun Facts/blacky44 interview/Amazzony's Advice debuts
Issue 49:News: Holiday map making competition/Fun Facts/killmanic interview
Issue 50:News: Point restrictive tournaments/Fun Facts/Tournament Limelight: Olympics: Citius Part 1, Altius Part 2, Fortius Part 3/Boss_oss_ss interview
Issue 51:Tournament Format poll results/Fun Facts/Amazzony's Advice/Optimus Prime interview
Issue 52:News: Holiday mapmaking competition/Fun Facts/Amazzony's Advice
Issue 53:News: Holiday greetings/Fun Facts
Issue 54:News: WidowMakers/Fun Facts
Issue 55:Fun Facts/Amazzony's Advice/Japs interview
Issue 56:Getting into Tournaments poll results/Fun Facts/Night Strike interview
Issue 57:News: New tournament directors/Amazzony's advice
Issue 58:Fun Facts/a.sub interview
Issue 59:Fun Facts
Issue 60:News: Clans/Fun Facts/TaCtiX interview
Issue 61:Why wouldn't you join a tournament poll results/News: Franchise and International Tournaments, Zombies ate my Neighbours, Love Wars/Fun Facts/HighlanderAttack interview
Issue 62:Gameload portion poll results/News: medals, Whac-Y-Admins/Fun Facts/Tournament Limelight: SuperQuick Tournaments/geigerm interview
Issue 63:News: Society of the Cooks/Fun Facts/Tournament Limelight: Cooks and Cadets/stahrgazer interview
Issue 64:Fun Facts/Woodruff interview
Issue 65:News: Twill retires/thekidstrumpet interview
Issue 66:News: St.Patrick's Day/Fun Facts/vykingsfan64 interview
Issue 67:Ask the Nutts debuts/sailorseal interview
Issue 68:Medal rewards for tournaments poll results/Fun Facts/Ask the Nutts/banana_hammocks interview
Issue 69:Ask the Nutts
Issue 70:News: Flame Wars closes/Ask the Nutts/Pedronicus interview
Issue 71:News: New players/Fun Facts/Ask the Nutts/jpcloet interview
Issue 72:Fun Facts/Dazoot interview
Issue 73:Fun Facts/Ask the Nutts
Issue 74:News: API, new admins/Fun Facts/Ask the Nutts/owenator interview
Issue 75:News: Bending tournament rules/Fun Facts/Gilligan interview
Issue 76:News: New script/Fun Facts/b00060 interview
Issue 77:News: Tournament deadbeats/Fun Facts/coded interview
Issue 78:Newsletter readership poll results/News:New newsletter forum/Fun Facts/Lindax interview
Issue 79:Fact of the Week/PaulusH interview
Issue 80:MrBenn Interview
Issue 81:barterer2002 Interview
Issue 82:keiths31 Interview
Issue 83: Steelehorse Interview, Gozar announces retirement
Issue 84: Gozar Interview, sailorseal debuts as Editor
Issue 85:Kotaro Interview
Issue 86:Questions and Concerns Interview
Issue 87: colton24 Interview
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