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Issue 1: 11/4/07

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Issue 1: 11/4/07

Postby Gozar on Tue May 26, 2009 9:10 pm

Issue 1: 11/4/07


Editors Note

Thank you for subscribing to the Conquer Club Tournament Newsletter, this is our first newsletter and is designed to help you enjoy and participate in tournaments. Tournaments contain some of the best players on CC, a lot of tournament players maintain a high rank even they are playing against accomplished players, playing singles and on many different settings. Anyway, enough of the waffle and lets get down to business. :D

Editors Note
Currently Taking Signups...
Tournament Q&A
Tournament Updates
Stat Attack
The Tournament Roll of Honour
How to Organise a Tournament (1)

Currently Taking Signups...
Here are just some of the tournaments that are currently taking signups or will be open for players in the near future! To get your tournament advertised here PM spinwizard. :)

2008 Tri-season Doubles League
Organiser: Tieryn
Description: A year long doubles league with the aim to separate the average from the amazing, the men from the boys and the women from the girls in a quest to find CC's best doubles team!

The Seasons!
Organiser: soundout9
Description: Like winter? Think summer is hot? Or just interested in a fun tournament where you can battle it out in the name of your chosen season, soundout9's latest tournament promises to be a blast.

Kill the King
Organiser: Tieryn
Description: Abolish the monarchy you say? Hell no! What about just killing them and taking their throne instead! With your maps and opponents being randomised there is ample opportunity to enjoy this tournament.

World Cup 2010 – Europe
Organiser: Forza AZ
Description: In the first of a 7 tournament series Forza AZ brings you the football world cup qualifiers for Europe, not many spots left!

Heroes: Choose your Power
Organiser: Night Strike
Description: In a fun tournament based on the worldwide hit TV show Heroes, Night Strike gives you the chance to battle it out as Clare Bennet or Hiro Nakamura in an attempt to save the world, remember tho - save the cheerleader, save the world!

Tournament Q&A
Here are some frequently asked questions, submitted by you. If you have a question to ask, PM spinwizard and get it included in our next issue. :)

Q- I am not premium, can I organise a tournament?
A- Yes, anyone can organise a tournament, premium, non-premium or some werdo from the flame wars, organising tournaments on Conquer Club is open to everyone!

Q- Can I use tournament organiser privileges to organise games for me and my friends/ clan?
A- Unfortunately not, if you want to play against your friends/ clan communicate; join a public game together, set up a private game or join a tournament and compete against or with each other for the prize.

Q- How do I join a tournament?
A- Go to the create/ join a tournament page and pick a tournament you like the look of, then make a post in the thread indicating that you want to play, a simple "IN!" will suffice.

Tournament Updates
Here are how some of the currently ongoing tournaments are progressing. To get your tournament featured here, PM spinwizard. :)

Teams Doubles League
Organiser: yorkiepeter
The Teams Doubles League has just started and yorkiepeter is still looking for teams to participate, it is still only the first round of games so why don't you and your clan/ mates get together and join!

Cairns Coral Coast Masters
Organisers: Optimus Prime/ Gozar
This as just started and the main prize is a whopping 1 years free premium, the first round has just begun and the competition is hotting up!

Age of Realms: Age of Might Tournament
Organisers: Aerial Attack
With the first round just finishing, 54 players are battling it out to be the king!

Knights of the Round-Table
Organisers: jennifermarie
The first round is over and the knights are battling it out in the last 16, good luck to our brave knights!

Stat Attack
Here are some fun and in some places scary statistics that are all about tournaments! :lol: (If you have any statistics, please PM them to spinwizard so we can feature them in the next edition.) :)

The total time MarVal spent on CC European Champions League 2007 was almost 9 months! :shock:

In all of Optimus Prime's tournaments he has created 2,014 games and we predict he has sent over 6,000 pm's! :lol:

Gilligan has created 1,111 games in all of his tournaments!

The Tournament Roll of Honour

Here are some recent tournament winners! :D

Champions League 2007/08- kendoh99
Pirates of the Caribbean- Blackbeard's Pirates
"You're Eliminated" II- StrG8611
Gozar's Classic Tournament- Gozar :lol:
Randomized Randomization- doochbagbill
World Series of Risk- NormalGuy
Battle for the Best- Hrvat

Here are two of the awards that were given out in MarVal’s CC European Champions League 2007
The winner of this tournament was:
And the winner of the golden boot Award went to:

How to Organise a Tournament (1)

Here is the first edition of How to Organise a Tournament, here we will explain step by step how to organise and run your very own tournament, part 1 is about designing your tournament.
(Tournament Handbook)
Part 1
So you want to create a tournament? Well this is where you start! First you have to decide upon the theme and format of your tournament, for a first time organiser we recommend a simple tournament that specialises in a specific map and settings, like a quick 16 player classic tournament, only 16 pm's to send, if you make it 4 player, the winners go into the final that's only 5 games to make and collect the results for, how much easier could it be! :) you get to run a simple tournament on fun settings and establish yourself in the world of tournament organising. For the tournament after that, you could mess about with the settings, try 1v1 or create a themed/ bigger tournament, once you have taken your baby steps the possibility's are endless! :D


This newsletter and heading were made by spinwizard, if you want to contribute to the making of further newsletters PM me or try writing articles to submit to me for publishing in future newsletters, I can't keep this running by myself, I need YOUR help! :D

To subscribe/ unsubscribe for the tournament newsletter, visit this thread.
Editor- spinwizard :)
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