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Issue 67: 01/04/09

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Issue 67: 01/04/09

Postby Gozar on Thu May 28, 2009 7:05 pm

Issue 67: 01/04/09



Hello tournament fans. This week's interview with sailorseal was one of the most contributed to interviews to date. Our debut of "Ask the Nutts" was also successful, and that feature returns this week.
As always, if you have any ideas or just want to help out, drop us a line.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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Our latest poll is still running, and we are only looking for a few more votes: Should a medal be given for each and every tournament won?
Please stop by the Suggestion Thread and vote.

Due to prior commitments, Gilligan was unable to compile a complete list. Here are some of the tournaments looking for players. Just click the title to visit the thread.

European football
Organiser: SNARF17WD
5 leagues to choose from , top 5 plus best 7 records qualify for the european champions league
Need 96 , plus plenty of reserves

007: "Bond, James Bond" #2: From Russia With Love
Organiser: danalan
A much more extensive romp for Bond this time, featuring Middle East, Rail Europe, and Italy before ending with the series standard British Isles Assassin game.

Puzzle Mix
Organiser: PaulusH
Using a 4x4 windmill setup
Game invitations contain a puzzle to solve for entering

Tournament Name: Formula 1 2009 F1 Tour - First Stop: Australian GP
Organiser Name: jricart
14/20 players
A tournament to celebrate the new 2009 Formula 1 racing season. The first stop: Australian GP

Formula 1 2009 F1 Tour - Second Stop: Malaysian GP
Organiser: jricart
6/20 players
Second tournament related to the 2009 Formula 1 racing season, the Malaysian GP.


Here are how some of the currently ongoing tournaments are progressing. Just click the title to visit the thread. Want your tournament listed here? Use the form at the end of this letter!

Two at a Time Tournament
Organiser: danalan
Simple tourney, big prize! Last 2 games of Stage 2 are being played.
4 of 6 finalists are determined already.

007: "Bond, James Bond" #1: Dr. No
Organiser: danalan
The first in the series, played on maps matching the locations Bond visited in the movie. The players have left the Caribbean, and are playing British Isles Assassin now.
Final is being played now.

Trippel Trappel
Organiser: PaulusH
Using a 6x6 windmill setup
We are nearly finished with the USA
Planned End Date: 5 May

Mac Dinner Date
Organiser: PaulusH
Using a 5x5 windmill setup
keeper16 will become overall winner =D> but the dinner date still continue
Planned end date: 10 October

Bar Double Dutch
Organiser: PaulusH
Using a 3x3 windmill setup
Finishing the wine caused electricity failure; the whiskey is at candle light.
Planned End Date: 14 April

The Legend of Tor Na’Mit
Organizer: Gozar
Round Ten winding down.

Here are some tournaments that noted tournament organisers are planning on running soon.

Isle Cruise from PaulusH on April 8, 2009
Using a 7x7 windmill setup
Plan is to visit 8 Isles with 49 people devided in groups of 7.

From keiths31:In keeping with the "Musical Chairs" theme there will be:
Musical Chairs: Mini Maps
Musical Chairs: USA Map Pack
Musical Chairs: Island Tour

Tournament ideas from the mind of barterer2002
Down and Dirty Series in April
Championship Series Continues

Formula 1 2009 Tournaments from jricart

Here are some recent tournament winners.

"Halloween Hallows II" -Dominator7, Spijker81, ultrafit, TheTrueNorth
"Point Grabbers XI: the Return" -MEK
"Prison Break Tournament" -Soldier4Christ
"Pass the Points 1" -SirSebster
"Hitman North America" -Joriki
"A Quick KO Round 2" -MikostheMudder
"King of Luxembourg Assassin" -Zivel
"Around All CC's Maps: Chinese Checkers" -Nate the Great
"HA's St Patricks Day Tournament" -denominator
"Championship Series: Conquer 4" -Angola
"JRs 1v1 Challenge VI" -Elijah S
"Round Robin USA 2" -phantomzero
"European Speed Cup" -Sun Tzup
"Realms 2 Challenge" -tyler197802198
"The Feudal War Man" -FATHARRY
"Qwert Bracket Tournament V" -Efreddy
"Escalating Freestyle King" -DBandit70
"8 Man Madness" -colson
"SuperBowl Redo Triples Edition" -thezepman, reptile, DBandit70
"WorldFitz Dubs Tournament III" -AAFitz and Nephilim
"JR's 2v2 Challenge I" -Prismsaber and Foxglove
"I'm All In" -Zemljanin
"Masters @ USA" -vexx, goggles paisano, paulg, easy n dirty
"Thug Life" -zissou2 & smegal69
"Jail Break" -chemefreak, snakedoctor, gordito
"Friend, I Hardly Knew Ye" -Sun Tzup & negoeien
"DSL vs CC Championship 2008" -Endar1077
"AoR Doubles Tournament" -gcwca_4_life&neanderpaul14
"Speed Doodle Assassin Tournament" -Eagleofgreenerth
"Sam's Birthday Bonanza" -aalii
"Pick a Partner Dubs Tournament" -Blitzaholic&Natascha
"Championship Series: Circus Maximus" -Blitzaholic
"Pokemon Diamond" -barterer2002
"WorldFitz Dubs Tourney" -AAFitz & nikoli_milicki
"Around All CC's Maps: Centerscape" -Lindax
"Halloween Tournament" -martyn
"Overlord of Europe" -zissou2
"Top Gun Triples Tournament" -deliaselene, King_Herpes, & Army Of Achilles
"Tourney of Disaster"- banana_hammocks
"Difficult Maps: Quads Edition" -Shatners Bassoon, Chariot of Fire, Daryth, jpeter15
"Conquer The World" -ShootandMiss
"The Random Map Duel" -knighthawk
"ConquerClub World Cup 2008" -lokisgal, loes, dragon dor, Forza AZ

by David Hoekstra

Ask the Nutts. . .a Q&A column (a cross between Dear Abby and Cliff Claven)
(an explanation of what it is all about)
Members, especially new members are encouraged to send in questions to "The Nutts". The three Nutts brothers will do their best to answer the questions.

R. Nutts, PHD – doctorate English, the Official Conquer Club expert
H. Nutts, MBA – looks at the business/economic/efficient side of things
A. Nutts, BS – lesser educated of the trio, gives a layman’s viewpoint

Have a question for the Nutts? PM David Hoekstra, Gozar, or click here and post in the thread.

Q:When is Flaming appropriate what types of flames are appropriate? -stahrgazer

Per CC Official Chat Guidelines: “Flaming: Will not be tolerated. CC has a flame wars forum, that's where flames go, no exceptions.”

A:R. Nutts, PhD: I did some research and one chat moderator described it as “malicious. . . insulting” and agreed that it includes cursing or nastiness “directed at someone else”, ranging from “you’re gay = Juvenile. . .over and over flame. . .you (male genital) smoker = huge flame.” Flaming is usually way over the top ridicule of other gamers. It may be appropriate when someone is a REAL jerk or purposely sabotages a game – but only in Flame Wars Forum. Anywhere else is inappropriate, shows immaturity and is the sign of a bully.

H. Nutts, MBA: I totally agree with Chat Guidelines: joking around is one thing but save the nastiness for your Klan meetings. Appropriate joking might include “you’re about as sharp as a marble,” “do you ride the short bus, or what?” or “did your grandma teach you how to attack and fortify?”

A. Nutts, BS: Did you two attend divinity college or what? Me and my friends will continue to flame however, whenever and wherever we want – because we are spoiled, egotistical, self-absorbed, unimaginative self-centered little babies that NEED to spew venom on an routine basis. Our parents/nannies are not around – and you can’t MAKE us behave. Uh, oh. . .Can somebody change me? I just pooped in my diaper.

Q: Do you have to be premium to organize a tourney? -1joe60

A: R. Nutt, PhD: per CC admin, "Anyone can run a tournament, regardless of membership status. It is one situation where freemium members can create password locked games...of course they cannot use tournament privileges to just make games for them and their friends." That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

H. Nutts, MBA: Which is a great situation, allowing Freemium players create tournies -- lots of fun for all.

A. Nutts, BS: guys, play all the CC tournaments you want, because the US NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is THE only tournament I care about -- GO WKU Hilltoppers!


This week we had the chance to talk with sailorseal. All the questions in the interview are based off input from newsletter readers. Check in next week for another tournament interview, when we talk to banana_hammocks, one of the top tournament winners. You can submit your question in this thread.

Now, on with the Interview!

Q: Hello, sailorseal.

A: Hello!

Q:What makes you interview worthy?

A: Well I feel I contribute a lot to the community and I think everyone would like my end of the story. I have hosted a few tournaments and have no plan of stopping. I just finished today my King of Luxembourg 3 tournament so everyone give Zivel a pat on the back. :D

Q:Do you feel that we must be running out of interviewees for you to warrant one or is it just that you talk so much it seemed appropriate?

A: I am going to go with a third option the option of my interview being because
A) I contribute a good bit to the tournament community
B) When Gozar sent the PM out to three people I was the one who said
Yes! Yes! YES! I would love to be interviewed

Q: What has been your biggest contribution to CC thus far?

A: Eventually I am hoping my legacy will be in maps but right now I think it is my Clan Water's Fury

Q:What achievement are you most proud of?

A: Probably that I have a map in the Main Foundry but I owe much of that to LED ZEPPELINER

Q:What do you hope to achieve in the future?

A: A few quenched maps and well the other thing that I feel everyone knows and it will only bring me negative comments to say ;)

Q:You once stated that you were almost a mod...have you made it yet? If not, why not?

A: This is a inside joke from a long time ago...
All I will say is that two multis forced me to say it otherwise they would continue to spam me

Q:What sort of mod are you "almost"?

A: None I guess

Q:Why do you act like you have a position of authority on this site when your not a mod?

A: Mods are not the only ones with authority and I think this comment refers to my new clan and I need to take charge otherwise it will fail

Q:How did you find this website?

A: Well now he will be mad for mentioning him but rustlemania told me about it or I was looking over his shoulder and said "Whats' that!?!"

Q: Why did you join CC?

A: Well to play rustle at first but now it is all about the forum

Q:Why did you start to play tournaments?

A: Well I actually started to run them before I played them but what made me start playing was that I thought everyone in my tournament was having fun so why don't I have some!

Q:What made you want to start running tournaments?

A: I used to not be active in tournaments so I decided that that was the best way to dive in. I read Optimus Prime's handbook many times and felt it must be simple enough. I wanted to spread my love of the map Luxembourg so I started a tournament on that map and look where I am now...

Q: How long have you been organizing tournaments?

A: A couple of months

Q:What tournament did you first run?

A: King of Luxembourg

Q: Where did you come up with your tournament ideas?

A: Well the first one I planned for days drawing charts and thinking a lot but the others I hit NEW TOPIC and then just put down whatever comes to mind

Q: Who do you look to for inspiration when organizing your tournaments?

A: Well Gilligan once or twice but mainly myself. Don't ask him which one because I haven't started it yet :-$

Q: Describe the experience of your first tournament ran, and first played in.

A: Well they are the same tournament King of Luxembourg and it was a small one and it was very fun. I made it almost to the end but something funny happened. The two players in the final game, one had to go on vacation so it was a few weeks before the game got going and then it was smooth sailing

Q:Tell us about your overall tournament experience from when you first joined a tournament to the present day. How has it changed for you? Is it a better experience than before? Worse?

A: Well sometimes I think "AHHH I have to create ten games and send out PMs" but when I type the winner's name into the thread it feels really good :D I think the tournament experience for me has had ups and downs but at the end of the day I feel great about it

Q: How many tournaments have you run already, and do you have a goal in mind for how many you want to run in total before you "retire"? How many are you running right now?

A: Well I have finished 4, have 1 going right now and 2 recruiting. I plan to never retire, ever.

Q: What tournaments have you organized?

King of Luxembourg
King of Luxemborug 2
King of Luxembourg 3
Ultimate 1v1
In Progress:
You are in the dark
Recruiting for:
The Sailorseal Cup
Water's Fury Open

Q:Ever thought about a franchise?

A: I hope to get King of Luxembourg and You are in the Dark up to franchise

Q:What is your favourite tournament you have run?

A: Probably King of Luxembourg 2 tied with Ultimate 1v1, I really liked them both and I won Ultimate 1v1

Q: What is your favorite tournament you’ve played in? Why?

A: Ultimate 1v1 because I won it :D I am really liking this Mission Impossible tournament but it is not over so I can't say

Q:Do you prefer to run or enter tournaments?

A: Run

Q: Is there a specific type of format that you tend to gravitate towards? Why? Is there a format that is your favourite? What about other peoples' tournaments?

A: I like 1 game for each player round by round tournaments and that is always how i organize, I have been liking people's tournaments that have me playing five games at once but I like freemiums to much to make multiple games at once tournaments

Q:What would be your dream tournament if someone were to offer to run it for you so that you just had to show up and play? Or, have you already participated in your dream tournament?

A: The King of Luxembourgs are my dream tournaments

Q: Do you find it easier to choose tournament settings yourself, or to let the players customize them?

A: Myself but sometimes I let them have input like in Water's Fury Open I let the first player to enter each group decide

Q: Overall, are you playing a lot in tournaments? If not, then why and where do you find your games to play?

A: I am playing in quite a few right now

Q:Are you selective about which types of tournaments you join or do you join just about everything you can fit into your personal game load? If you are selective, do you look for certain styles or organizers?

A: I am very selective and mostly join very few. I am not a fan of Adjacent and try to avoid it. Also World 2.1 but I have gotten a itch for it and am joining some games. Organizers, I do not discriminate against unless they have a poorly planned tournament

Q:Have you played in any of Boss_oss_ss' tournaments? If no, why not?

A: I am not sure

Q: How excited where you with your first CC win?

A: I can't remember but I assume not very

Q:Have you ever won a tournament?

A: Yes

Q: What is your most disappointing tournament loss to date?

A: The semi-finals of King of Luxembourg

Q: In your mind, what makes a successful tournament?

A: Well organized, ie. games are set up well, everyone knows how it works etc.

Q: What do you consider to be the most successful tournaments you've seen run?

A : King of Luxembourg 2, I don't watch other people's but this one went very smoothly

Q:Have you ever been disappointed in a tournament you have run? What about one you entered?

A: I was disappointed with You are in the Dark because there are issues with some freemium players but it is too far in to kick them and it has given me a hard time overall

Q: What makes a successful organizer?

A: Someone who plays often and stays organized

Q: How do you attract players to your tournament, and what aspect (besides a reward of a premium prize or something like that) of a tournament do you think appeals to a lot of players and why?

A: Sometimes I advertise in my signature but I feel that my straight forward representation attracts players

Q: Is there anything in particular that you dislike about tournament organizing?

A: Sending out the PMs and having to deal with not joining/not responding players

Q: For you, what is the best part of being a tournament organizer?

A: Getting this interview! :lol:
No I kid, it's about seeing something you make actually work out and receive a result and spreading the love of your favorite settings

Q: What mistakes do you see tournament organizers make the most?

A: Accepting a interview this thing is taking forever!
No I kid again, I love it, not keeping track of passwords and forgetting about their tournament

Q: With experience comes the wisdom of knowing what mistakes you've made in the past so you can avoid them in the future. What mistakes have you made in your tournaments that you are sure to avoid in future tournaments?

A: I had to many going during my vacation and could not keep up also creating incorrect settings in games

Q:I see you everywhere, in almost every post, you are really friendly, we are know co-leader in a new clan called - The United Factions -, you are also consultant for some map making, map creating, map foundry if I am not mistaken, where does all this energy come from?

A: I love Conquer Club so much and want to put as much into this site as possible. I also eat healthy and get good exercise!

Q:Would you rather have more points than posts, or more posts than points?

A: Well I don't really care about point or post count but I'll put it this way, I would rather be known for my contribution in the forum then for my skill in the game

Q:What is your opinion on organizer neutrality? Should organizers be allowed to place themselves against their own clanmates in tournaments? Should organizers be allowed to join their own tournaments at all?

A: Of course, I often join my own tournaments

Q: Do you use a "schedule" for updating your tournaments, or do you just wait until they need an update?

A: Check on them daily and wait until I have time and until they need an update

Q:Should “question marks” be allowed to join tournaments?

A: Well in theory yes but in practice I have seen ? marks turn into privates before the tournament began and I have seen the disappear so I say yes let them in

Q:Do you feel it is better to give a bye to players whose opponents deadbeats the tournament, or to use a reserve?

A: Always use reserves!

Q: If you could change one thing about Conquer Club in general, what would it be?

A: Well I am not sure if this meets qualifications but I have always wanted to go back in time and join the first day of Conquer Club but if I had magic powers I would probably make myself an admin

Q:Why is it everytime you disagree with something, you make a "New Rule" thread in Suggestions and Bugs?

A: I don't thing I do. I have only made 1 but I disagree with a bunch of stuff

Q: If there was something that the Conquer Club administrators could implement into the game to make tournaments easier to manage, what would it be? Similarly, is there anything you would like to see taken away from Conquer Club to make running tournaments easier?

A: Remove all players who don't join their assigned games and I just thought of this: What if they could have you make the games and just join the people into the games for them, that would save a lot of time.

Q: Is there anything that you would recommend to encourage new tournament organizers?

A: "It's easier then it looks" put underneath the word Tournaments

Q: List your top 5 biggest tournament headache's to this point

1. A player who makes it to the finals then decides to go away for two weeks
2. Making all the games and sending all the PMs only to realize I used a incorrect setting
3. Only taking 3 reserves (More of a worry)
I only have three sorry!

Q:How much time does CC take from your day?

A: It take no time from me. I give it a few hours a day.

Q:Whats the most amount of meaningless posts that didn't really add anything to the conversation that you have posted in one day?

A: Well I don't quite understand but I remember back when I was new I just put
as a post in the longest thread thread :oops:

Q:Are you a member of any clans or usergroups?

A: I am the leader of Water's Fury, co-leader of the united faction, Official leader but co-leader in the soon to be made Map Factory, Next-Gen Gamers, Foundry Newsletter, Society of the Cooks, Layer battle Arena, 1v1 gladiators, Dare to be Funny and Village Conquer Society

Q:How come you always have other people make your maps?

A: I don't I just more of a Game Play, Idea and XMl kind of guy and less of a graphics kind of guy

Q:What is with all your doodle maps?

A: They were all abandoned

Q:Who are you? No, seriously...who are you?

A: Luke is my name

Q: Why did you pick the name sailorseal?

A: So here it is, it finally comes out:
I am a sailor still am, love it and always will be but two years ago I had this weird fascination with the United States Navy SEALS, yes that is where seal comes from. Laugh it up...

Q:Where are you from?

A: New York City but I spend my summers in Westhampton Bach

Q:Are you in the navy?

A: No

Q:Are you a sailor, or a seal?

A: A sailor

Q: How do you keep the hat on as you swim? And, um, are you a furry?

A: A little furry and if you hold it with one hand it stays on nicely :D

Q:How does it feel to be the butt of so many people's jokes?

A: Well sometimes it keeps me up at night but I just say fun is fun :D

Q:How many more questions are going to own you?

A: 0 and guess what I answered all but one

Q:Do you hate Night Strike?

A: Of course not! I mean he may have locked a thread or two of mine but that was manly due to hijacking, I think...

Q:Will you ever consider running for president?

A: Maybe later in life

Q:Why did you say you are on vacation and tell GrimReaper. you will make clan games when you return but answer his PM? Surely it doesn't take that long to make 5 games?

A: Well when you have a half an hour to take 20 turns and answer PMs, a few games does take a while when you need your clan to be a part of it. I also had appointed someone to be in charge during my absence but I guess my five PMs saying that never got through ;)

Q:Why do bad things happen to good people?

A: Well because the world doesn't turn to the beat of just one drum, what may be right for you might not be right for some, you take the good you take the bad, and there you have...
My answer

Q:If you could kill Woodruff, how would you do it?

A: I wouldn't kill him

Q:Do you agree with underage drinking?

A: No

Q:Favourite play colour?

A: What?

Q:Favourite and least favourite map?

A: Luxembourg and battle for Iraq :evil:

Q:Do you like Feudal War?

A: Yes it is a great map and the revamp! Oh my, incredible...

Q:Favourite settings?

Standard, Freestyle, No Spoils, Unlimited, Sunny

Q:Freestyle or sequential?

A: Depends on the map

Q:What strategy do you use in an 8 player escalating spoils match???

A: Depends on the map

Q: Any tournaments planned for the future? What are they?

A: I do have a few planned but :-$ for now

Q: Any parting shots?

A: Wow that was long! I only skipped on question so overall I feel good. Thanks for having me everyone! It was great to be here

Q: Thank you for your time.

A: Your very welcome, anytime!


Interview With banana_hammocks



If you want your tournament included in a future issue, please PM Gozar using this form:

Tournament Name: (with link)
Organiser Name:
Brief description or update:
Rough estimate of percent complete/signed up:

You can also write articles to submit for publishing, I can't keep this running by myself, I need YOUR help!

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