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The Foundry Newsletter: 21st Issue

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The Foundry Newsletter: 21st Issue

Postby TaCktiX on Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:58 pm



It's been a year since we started off this lovely publication for the informing of the wider CC about the goings-on in the Foundry, keeping them abreast of what maps are on the horizon, and of course giving them an opportunity to affect the maps that they will play on. I'd say that's the biggest attraction to the Foundry for me, you really do make a difference. How many other things do you know of that you can point at and say "I had an effect on that, and here's where?" And how about on the scale that the Foundry and CC offer? That's pretty awesome.

On a slightly more downer note, we tried to feature a lot of things in a "1 year retrospective" sort of light, and on a lot of our community participating things, nobody replied. Community Perspective was going to feature any people's two cents about the past year in the Foundry, even if they haven't been around for a year. We have nothing to show for it. WCA's Tablet was going to pay homage to the hilarious funny maps by encouraging the community to intentionally create bad maps. He got no submissions. The lack of participating is utterly killing our motivation to do the newsletter, folks. I and the rest of the staff sometimes feel we're speaking to an empty void, spending hours for no real purpose. I know, I know, you love the Newsletter, love reading it and think we're doing good work. But when we seek input and get not even a one-liner, it's rather disappointing.

On a final downer, InkL0sed is leaving his position at proofreader after a year, and layout editor after 6 months of service. We wish him the best, but that leaves us with two positions open that need filling! Please PM TaCktiX if you have interest in filling either of these positions.

Aside from that, we've got a fairly full issue, with some new banners by pikkio of Oceania fame, A Look Back at the very 1st Foundry Newsletter, an Editorial from Gimil about his time as C.A., and a Spotlight on the map Monsters by dolomite13. Feel free to peruse and enjoy the 21st Issue, the 1st Anniversary Issue.

Senior Editor

In this section we cover every map presently in development. Each map is accompanied by a brief description of the map's theme, graphics, and gameplay, as well as what's been happening in the last couple of weeks. Finally, a link to each topic, the map's creator(s), and what stamps it presently has are noted.





In the Editorial, we ask a member of the Conquer Club community to write about some aspect of the Foundry. Subjects thus far have ranged from first-timer perspectives to a fictional look at future mapmaking, with plenty in between. Anyone interested in writing an Editorial is asked to PM TaCktiX about it.

This issue, former contributor and moderator gimil writes the editorial.

In celebration of the 1st year anniversary, I'd like to take you back to a year ago, to our very first issue. It's been redone to be on a nice PDF, with a few extra tidbits on the side. If you like that look, let me know so I can try to do future issues in PDF form in addition to our normal forum presence.

Link (2MB)

In the Spotlight, we typically cover a staff-selected map and mapmaker in an interview. Mapmaker motivations, inspirations, and the like have been covered, with plenty of surprises in between.

This issue we spotlight Monsters made by dolomite13.

Ok everyone....


Enjoy this week's issue? Haven't signed up yet?

Then feel free to subscribe to the newsletter by sending a PM with your name to the Newsletter's senior editor, TaCktiX (clicky). By subscribing you will receive every new issue of the Newsletter straight into your inbox, keeping you up to date with all the new latest developments in the Foundry.

Wrap up

We would like to thank you all for taking the time to read and enjoy our newsletter.
See you next time!

InkL0sed - Formatting Editor, Proofreading Editor
sailorseal - Spotlight Editor, Maps in Development Editor
pikkio - Graphics
TaCktiX - Senior Editor, Editorial Editor, Perspectives Editor, Maps In Development Editor, A Look Back Editor
wcaclimbing - Graphics, WCA's Tablet

Originally posted June 7th, 2009
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