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New timer

Postby Darwins_Bane on Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:34 pm

ender516 wrote:I have often wondered why the time remaining doesn't reflect the 60 minute limit once a turn is under way. Can anyone explain the rationale, or should I make a suggestion to make it so?

Darwins_Bane wrote:because people rarely use the full 60 having a countdown that will never finish is annoying. better to just have the final time for the round. then that way if you see the last person taking their turn you can check in to see if you will be able to take your turn shortly. It makes a little more sense to use the new timer for seq vs fs games.

ender516 wrote:Yes, I suppose the usefulness of these timers does depend on sequential versus freestyle. As a sequential fan, I would rather see a timer that more accurately tells me when it will be my turn. Telling me that the player ahead of me would have had up to 24 hours to finish a turn is not very useful when the fact is that because that player has started the turn, I will be up in less than an hour, one way or another.

Darwins_Bane wrote:Because it is unlikely to be changed anytime soon....I would suggest that a user script be created that just keeps track of when players start their turn based on the log and do a count down based on that. If i have time later I'll think about it more and make a sugg thread on it.

Make a user script that overrides the timer to instead display the time remaining in the round as reflected by someone taking their turn. Perhaps it could use the game log and just count down 1 hr from that point on. This would be more accurate.
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