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Tech Team Callout

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Tech Team Callout

Postby dgz345 on Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:54 pm

Tech Team Callout

The tech team needs help with:
  • Updating the various add-on scripts (BOB, Watch This Game, Map Rank, etc.) to conform to the rapidly-changing environment of this site.
  • Updating the manuals for the above, and helping users (many of whom are not technically inclined) with troubleshooting their difficulties.
  • Re-organising the Tools Forum, archiving old threads, updating the links to reflect the most recent versions of the Tools, etc.
  • Other tasks that come up from time to time. (In the past the Tech Team has written the XML Wizard for the foundry, helped with updating the phpBB software, and other auxiliary things that are not a core part of CC, but nonetheless help the community quite a bit.)

If you have technical know-how and could spare a couple hours to help your fellow Conquer Clubbers, please contact me (dgz345) and tell me a little bit about your qualifications.

The great need is for people with some knowlege of scripting and high-level languages. (However, I will also consider someone who is mainly interested in the clerical end and helping to re-organise the Tools forum.) If you are interested and have some knowlege of scripting, PM me and let's see what we can do!
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