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Brawl Hall Topics (Nostalgia Returns)

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Brawl Hall Topics (Nostalgia Returns)

Postby chaosfactor on Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:25 pm

Flaming and Brawl Hall
Brawl Hall is known to all of Flametown as the home of Internet Terrorism...Historically Brawl Hall has instigated some of the finest forum raids on record, hosted some of the most hilarious and downright deviant threads on the net, and been the venue for the greatest matches of all time...

Lately, however, we've experienced a serious decrease in posting, forum raids are a lost art that probably won't ever come back, and matches?...Well, matches here are still the cream of the flaming crop, but lets just say even those have gone a bit dull...

I'm here to reassure all those sitting in the shadows waiting for a renaissance of flaming that the time will come...There's no better place than this to be at your very worst, to expel your demons in text and to express your creative side with media...Brawl Hall will always be number one in flaming...

So why is it that the board is dead, that we're lucky to get 10 posts in a day?

There are several theories...The first is of course that the membership here has lost interest in flaming...In many cases this might be true, but even the so called 'retired' flamers are still very active when the moment is right...One good topic brings our seasoned veterans to the foreground...How many times do you see a thread lit up by LoCo, Oranje, Sublime, and countless others when its worth being involved in?...They may have retired from match flaming, but they are still here, and very willing to be a part of anything worth responding to...

On that notion the blame doesn't lay with them, the flamers from days gone by who no longer instigate, it lies with us, the active membership who sit back and wonder when the door will be opened for us to walk through...BH and in particular Flamer's Hall serves a very specific purpose...That purpose is to tear down the walls of normalcy and allow our evil alter egos to take over and provide entertainment for ourselves and our peers...

That brings to question the next theory, that Brawl Hall has become too personal...This I almost have to agree to, but lets not forget that without the occasional tool who thinks his/her life is reflected by a post in FH our fun would be cut in half...Thats not really what we're talking about, is it?...No...We're talking about the people who have had the same discussions going on for years, the people who truly hate one another spewing forth spam by the postload and dumping their issues with their mother on the board for their 10 year old web acquaintances to demolish...

It seems there's alot, doesn't it?...Well, on that note, lets consider how much posting activity there would be if Feral and Emmy kissed and made up...How often would the light turn green if Serafina didn't feel the need to kioss at least one ass a day?...And what if Caskur...No, never mind Caskur...Its a useless spambot that should be banned from the internet and shot...Even the ongoing tiff between myself and Poofer...You can't say that it doesn't bring at least the odd chuckle, and at the very least it keeps the board active for a few days here and there...

No, the board has become personal, and n00bs probably feel they'll never fit in...

Then ther is of course the idiotic YAS threads and begs for mod spots from he who shall remain nameless, but his initials are King Martini...It was amusing once, it was OK the second time, this last one was the 648th attempt and has been failing for 646...Lets be straight...Poofer is a quality poster and a hell of a competitor, but Poofer is not our salvation...Our salvation lies with new blood...

That being said, how do we get new blood?...Do we go and actively recruit?...Of course not...We're not desperate douchebags who need it that bad, we'd rather let it go belly up...Do we post links on every forum we visit?...f*ck no...That would make us a nigger named Reynolds and our integrity would be shot...

So what do we do?...Nothing...We post...We compete...We enjoy Brawl Hall for what it is, no matter how slow it gets from time to time...We are, after all, Brawlers, and its not our job to bring others to our fight...Its not our job to bitch and moan and complain about the state of affairs and its certainly not our job to analyze natural attrition and place blame where it doesn't belong...

Now, about the other forums, those we have decided are our competitors...There's clearly a divide between BH and CO...The why is simple...Brawl Hall is simply more tactless, vulgar, combative and cerebral...CO has its moments, but for the most part its a fairy forum for 2 line lames, Alpo and Pig spam and second to third rate matches...Their core membership comes here seldom and our core membership goes there seldom...Thats not to say we don't have many members in common, we do...I myself enjoy spending a little time now and then dumbing it down with the retards and engaging in simple name calling and posting pictures of kittens...

The truth is, when it comes to CO, they are afraid of us...And they should be...Their best posters pale in comparison to some of our worst...They aren't able to play in this league so they run around their little ballfield playing touch football instead of full contact rugby...Its almost a shame, because with a little open mindedness and an understanding of why we are the Kings and Queens of flame several of their posters could be elite...

What it all boils to is the desire to flame...I still have it, as do many here, but the opportunity seems less and less...The answer is to start a thread...About anything...About nothing at all...The answer is stop waiting for those who set the bar a decade ago to come back and lead and to start leading yourself...I have been her actively for less than 2 years, and I have established myself as a force to be reckoned with, had some great matches, and kept BH as click on my toolbar because damnit I wanna Brawl...If you disagree thats great...Start a fucking thread, Jackass...

Its only natural that people will migrate away from this form of the art and into more sophisticated areas...I myself just joined third rail, where flaming is alive and well but funneled into the form of debate over actual issues...Its all well and good, and I enjoy it, but f*ck...Sometimes you just want to stomp the shit out of somebody, and nothing will replace Brawl Hall for that...

This is our world, this is our time...

f*ck the blame and seize the day...
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Re: Brawl Hall Topics (Nostalgia Returns)

Postby chaosfactor on Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:27 pm

ConquerClub and Brawl Hall
Congrats to a good starter thread, I cannot resist but post an answer to this one..

I discovered forum raiding when I resided over in Conquer-clubs flame division back in 2006, It was your mob that came attacking us... (Your mob being BH). It was a good attempt, and although I was not even remotely involved with flaming at the time, I saw the war-gamers snuff out a BH forum raid very quickly... There was not another attack ever again...

Our Flame forum was pretty effective at that moment in time, 2006+2007 was the swinging 'hate' ashbury experience! We were going Loco on each other like pit bull terriors off the leash.. We hadn't a regard for ever expanding outwards with our aggression... But that was at that time...

Conquer-club started making tons of money around that point, and all of a sudden we were deemed 'liabilities', in retrospect, understandably so...

Imagine your 14 yr old daughter who just lost her first risk battle, then made a complaint, which got diverted into Flame-wars.......??!!

Then got systematically verbally raped by a word-crazy bunch of viking alcoholics...

Obviously we had to go...

So they set on us one by one, destroying the flame mantle, and pretty much removing us (CC paying members included) over a duration of one year..

We were Proper scum though! We were the CC shout Hooligans and we needed a place to vent steam and oust anger. So we set up anti CC forums sites, basically geared up around hacking the main-frame authority's that resided there, and pushing out the parameters that they set upon the docile inhabitants that reside within.

The then Moderator Aka "Wicked" Who was the crux for us in discovering "Flaming" entered legal battles with the ownership of Conquer-Club... In my view She was the top of the chain of anarchy which needed to be snuffed out, so they set upon her first... She eventually lost the RT lawsuit, and has only been seen in ghost whispers since..

At that time we discovered 'internal' forum raiding, and set up dozens of fake accounts, whilst all along the way, winking at each other. But slowly, surely, the bastards started knocking out all the talented posters..

Conquer-Clubs official last stand was a web-site called P.O.A (Pile of Awesome) which cruised for just over a year... From this base we learnt the art of forum raiding..

All self taught we created invisible layers, where we plotted our attacks, and joined in complete sincerity websites ranging from religious/warfare, to discussion based and when our troops were gathered... We fcked them over a barrel.!!!!

Alas, all good things come to an end, and (just like flame4$) the host could not fund the revolution any longer, and the players started to drift..

Seeing the tide ebbing away, I grabbed the last remaining survivors and we hit two sites.. Caskurs Site, Flame Damnation, and also a few weeks later .. Cosmik Outpost..

Conquer-Club in its Hay-day, (although not comparable to BH), Boasted 20-40 flamers, at least 15% didn't even bother playing the game.. We shafted dozens of internet sites (purely in the name of War-fare), and even to this day... We are doing so now..
2005-2012 -- Flaming the web
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Re: Brawl Hall Topics (Nostalgia Returns)

Postby King_Herpes on Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:25 pm

Hello troops, it's me King_Herpes your passionate protector.

I'm here to remind you guys that Chaosfactor tends to experiment with a lot of plant based hallucinogens and so he doesn't always choose to meld his thoughts in an understandable fashion. He tends to wear extravagant tuxedo's and custom tailored top hats while petting mischievous and luxurious looking Persian cats.

In doing this, he is more of a textual gladiator than an actual human being. He becomes absent minded when remembering that we here at Conquer Club, embody an unmatched desire. A desire that burns so deep within our loins that it motivates us to serve and protect our community from online bullying through means of a loving, providing, and fostering environment for people from all walks of life.

The pure nostalgia of insulting an invisible person over the internet is nothing more than a distant memory that was simply just meant to be lost in the sands of CC's time.

In other words, on behalf of everyone and serving as your passionate protector, please allow me to say, "Shut the f*ck up already, Chaosfactor"!!

I've missed you all so,

King_Herpes - Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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