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Multiple chances concept

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Multiple chances concept

Postby dakky21 on Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:50 pm

Map Name: Multiple chances

Map Image:
Click image to enlarge.

P1-P8 starting terriories
N - smaller number of Neutrals
Hexagons - lots of Neutrals

Just an idea - concept of a map where each time you play it, you get two (or more) chances to win. Either you battle same opponent twice or if it is possible in XML, fight two randomly assigned opponents (it must be specified that you don't get neighbour territory). After conquering your own big box, you can descend into canyon and try to fight in the next big box, where someone else won. Of course it don't have to be boxes, they're only for "picture is worth 1000 words".

Descending into "canyon" or "the pass" to another world (in this case a big box), should be guarded by lots of neutrals and threfore avoid ruining into a raging battle in another big box (idea is to be allowed to pass only when you finish your own big box, by assigning a lot of bonus to it)

Each player mini box should have 7-8 territories, so one could decide to go for his bonus (his mini-box) or go directly for an opponent below/above him.

In 2 player games, there would be 8 mini-matches to play.
In 4 player games, there would be 4 mini-matches to play.
If there is an odd number of players, all would get equal number of starting territories and equal number of battles.

Setting of the map can be anything, though I thought of a desert and high cliffs and a canyon (it could also be 4 islands with bridges).

Tell me what you think of the concept, maybe I finally start to draw something :)
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