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St. Patrick's Day Rampage

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St. Patrick's Day Rampage

Postby Dukasaur on Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:56 am

Link to scoreboard:

This is a simple event, pretty much the same as last year's event.

Gather clovers, move up the scoreboard. Collect 44 clovers as fast as possible, and as soon as you have 44, go to the Finale tournament (Madcap Chase for the Green) and register. All the big prizes are in winning the Madcap Chase for the Green tournament: there 3000 (yes, three thousand!) credits up for grabs, as well as 5 Green stars (the 2nd highest-ranking stars.) But remember, you must actually take the final step and register for the tournament once you've earned the 44-clover entry fee. The system won't put you in automatically, you have to go there and click the join link. In previous years we've had people who collected 44 clovers and forgot to immediately join the tournament, and then they ended up locked out.

How to gather clovers?

A few will just randomly fall from the sky, on login, etc. To earn more, you have to join games. Clovers are awarded both on joining and on winning games. Drops are largely random, but these factors affect them:
  • Private games, tournament games, and clan games, do NOT normally drop ANY tokens.
  • An exception to the above is games on the Special Event map (St. Patrick Day map) which does drop tokens even in tournament games.
  • Bot games do drop tokens, but at a VERY LOW rate.
  • Generally speaking, you need to play public games that start today in order to get token drops. Within those:
    • As always, the more people in the game the higher the drop rate (an 8-player game is twice as likely to drop as a 4-player game)
    • Games on the Special Event map (St. Patrick Day map) have a much higher drop rate than games on other maps.
In addition to joining public games, a really good way to gather clovers is to join speed tournaments that are posted in the event banner at the top of your Central Command page.
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