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Petition to Destroy Piers Morgan

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Re: Petition to Destroy Piers Morgan

Postby spurgistan on Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:07 am

Why would Michael Savage want to go to England? Semi-serious question. Telling a man he can't visit a country full of people he hates, while rather indefensible (protip: UK doesn't have the 1st amendment, they're not required to follow our laws) is hardly the same as telling a man he has to leave a country he (currently) has gainful employment in because something he said (especially when the US federal government does have that pesky 1st amendment)
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Re: Petition to Destroy Piers Morgan

Postby Ray Rider on Fri Dec 28, 2012 3:13 am

saxitoxin wrote:
Iliad wrote: No, actually breaking the laws of a country will mean you will be quite unwelcome there as Savage did

Michael Savage didn't break any British laws. Every reasonably educated progressive has denounced his banning as an afront to free speech. For example, in The Guardian - ... cqui-smith

Martin Galvin also didn't break any laws. The British were simply terrified of the potency of his condemnation of their human rights violations.

No one should have their freedom of movement restricted, including Piers Morgan, Michael Savage or Martin Galvin. Calls for that to happen make the U.S. no better than the world's worst dictatorships like Francoist Spain or Post-Thatcherist UK.


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