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We’re In The Exact Same Spot We Were In August 2008

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We’re In The Exact Same Spot We Were In August 2008

Postby armati on Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:52 pm

I think what’s going on in Turkey and in the banking system overall is floating over into gold. I think we’re in the exact same spot we were in August 2008 where people were dumping everything they could in order to get liquidity. And in that case i’m glad to be wrong because when we come out of this the gold price is going to explode higher. This thing in Turkey is a lot more serious than people realize, the entire world is on the edge of a precipice financially. The world is awash in debt and the piper has just come to the door saying that he needs to be paid.
Bob Moriarty

Full 1 page article is at; ... gust-2008/

He uses the term "explode", Ive found expressions like that get over used and imply more than it actually means.

Nobody can say for sure of course but a $1400-$1600 price in 6 months to 2 years might fit "explode".

I take his mining company guesses as maybes, he hits and misses like everyone else.
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