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[Official] How to Make a Map

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[Official] How to Make a Map

Postby AndyDufresne on Mon May 22, 2006 7:17 am

            How to Make a Map:

Now for all the enthusiastic world domination lovers out there, you can create your own maps! How you ask? Well let see...

Step 1). Idea——Develop a unique idea that has some sort of appeal (preferably mass).

Step 2). Image Creation——Create a visual layout of the map in your grahpics program of choice (excluding MS Paint).
  • Include a working legend with speculative bonuses, tentative border divisions, names, barriers, colors and textures, aesthetic images (I.E. compasses, picture designs, etc), and background image (I.E. ocean or something to discriminate the playing field).
  • A map should be ‘inherently unique either in gameplay, location, or style’ . Maps that aren't just the same tried and true formula from the Classic Map disguised will be more successful.
  • A map must provide balanced game play. It should be reasonably clear that the player that draws the first turn does not have a significant advantage, nor should it be likely that any player will be eliminated in the first round of a game.
  • Every effort should be made to acquire express written consent for a map based on Copyrighted works. In the event that no response is given by the Copyright holders, the map can still be made, but must consist of completely original artwork.
  • Host the image using or something similar. The type of image file must be PNG, GIF, or JPEG. You must design two versions of the map: a small (up to 600 px wide), and a large (up to 800 px wide). Height must not be any greater than 600px on small maps and 800px on large maps, but it is recommended that you do not exceed 350 px on small maps and 600 px on large maps so that users will not need to scroll down to attack.
  • A large map must be noticably larger than their small map, if you must have specifics 9% larger is required but 33.3% (1/3rd) is recommended.

Step 3). Developmental Map Thread——Start a personal thread where your map can be discussed and debated in length by the members of Conquer Club. To start a new map thread, please follow these formal guidelines:
      • Subject:
        <Working Title> (describes map at a glance)
      • Body:
        <map image>
        <# of countries>
        <Comments about specific areas or general points of interest>
        <Links to any visual resources used>
  • Developmental maps will be discussed in length in the various Foundry forums, in their respective topics. Cartographers must be open to any advice and suggestions. Be sure that if you do not implement said advice you must have logical reason for doing so. This rebuttal must be stated either by you, or argued by another Foundry poster who sees the drawbacks or shortcomings in said advice. There will be no rebuttals of ‘It’s my map, let me do it my way.’ Waiting for feedback on your map is the one of the most important parts of development.
  • Regarding the use of language on the map, if the map is detailing a specific geographic area or region where a particular native language is frequent in use, it may be used in place of English. Regarding larger or less specific areas, this must be done in English. All descriptions of gameplay on the map also must be in English.
  • Once the Foundry agrees that the respective map is finished, the Foundry Foreman will make a quick check to make sure that all major suggestions have been either implemented or refuted with logical reasoning. This is the 'Final Forge'. If said map has not addressed certain aspects, it must engage in discussion again before it will be deemed playable and ready for live play. Once all suggestions have been addressed the Foundry Foreman will put his ‘‘Brand of Approval’’ on the map. Maps that have not received the Foundry Brand will not be accepted if submitted. Also remember to sign your work, preferably small and simplistic. Be modest

Step 4). Create the XML File——Conquer Club uses XML files to define borders and coordinates of the territories in each map, and you need to write one for yourself also. Don’t worry, you don’t need any technical skills for this, just some patience and a text editor like notepad. For a tutorial on XML creation, vist the XML Tutorial. Many users on the site will be willing to help you out in this process if it is needed. Save one of our XML files in on your computer and modify it as necessary. It should be fairly obvious what goes where.

Step 5). Test Your XML——Go to and use the form there to fine tune your XML. Make sure that the numbers show up in the right places, and adjust the x and y coordinates of each territory as necessary. If the ‘‘army shadows’’ are used, please take care in placement of the army values so that they are in the center. If they are not centralized your map will need to be worked on before it will be deemed playable.

Step 6). Submission——Once all noticeable errors have been cleaned up, the map and XML will be submitted to Lack for live play (barring any veto by him). If errors are found in this stage, the cartographer will be notified and the errors must be fixed before it is given final approval for live play.

Step 7). Play——Once your map is live everyone can now play the map you've worked so hard to create! Enjoy!

***Note*** Any errors found during the map’s live play on the site must be attended to promptly
(I.E. no longer than two weeks) or else the map will be taken down until said errors are fixed (Holidays will be taken into consideration).

The Copyright Agreement

The author retains copyright on their work, and gives Conquer Club permission to use the imagery free of charge, as Conquer Club sees fit for as long as Conquer Club sees fit on the Conquer Club website. Conquer Club cannot sell, lease, or lend the right to use the images to anyone else. The author swears that their map is their own work, or a legal derivative work and by submitting it, do hereby claim all responsibility for that being true.
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