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R13's Together & Alone Series II - Random (1/8)

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R13's Together & Alone Series II - Random (1/8)

Postby Rallister13 on Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:40 pm

R13's Together & Alone Series II - Random

This is the third tournament I have created with my singles double elimination bracket in its first round and the first of the Together & Alone Series taking signups on my favourite map.

A simple single elimination bracket consisting of 8 teams playing a best of three series on Random. You will play a singles game against a randomised opponent from the other team and a doubles together with the partner however this time on trench. Win two out of three as a team and you are through to the next round.

Feel free to sign up with a regular teammate of yours or you can join with someone else who signs up singularly.

If this map doesn't take your fancy I have a second taking sign ups on AOR2 with a similar format -

Tournament Format
16 players (8 doubles teams)
Single Elimination Bracket
Best of three series - 2 x 1v1 singles & 1 2v2 trench doubles
Initial bracket will be randomised via
Open to Freemium players but you must have 3 slots available at all times

Map & Settings
Map - Random

Singles -
Type - Standard
Troops - Automatic
Order - Sequential
Spoils - Escalating
Fortifications - Chained
Fog of War - Sunny
Trench - No
Round limit - 20 Rounds

Doubles -
Type - Doubles
Troops - Automatic
Order - Sequential
Spoils - Escalating
Fortifications - Chained
Fog of War - Sunny
Trench - Yes
Round limit - 20 Rounds

Teams [1/8]


To be created

Together & Alone Series -
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