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To encourage good sportsmanship, members can rate other members they have played with. Each rating consists of measurements from 1 to 5 stars on any of the following attributes:

Rating Attributes

  • Fair Play: Covers suiciding, secret alliance suspicion, breaking or respecting alliances, chivalry, etc...
  • Gameplay: Measures the player's ability to play an enjoyable game (not the player's ability to win). Covers strategy, diplomacy, teamwork, etc...
  • Attitude: Covers behaviour in chat, foul language, sore losers, gracious winners, "great chatters!", whining about luck, etc...

The number of stars given should be based on this scale: 1 = Bad,   2 = Below Average,   3 = Average,   4 = Above Average,   5 = Excellent.

An overall rating is calculated as the average of ratings per player. The overall rating often appears next to the username (e.g. lackattack Star 4.2). Clicking on it will take you to the member's ratings page which displays average ratings by attribute and lists individual ratings.

Ratings are valuable indicators of your reputation on Conquer Club. They are publicly viewable and stay on your record. Ratings can be useful to find good opponents and avoid bad ones.

You can leave ratings via the "Eliminated" and "Recently Finished" sections of the "Central Command" page. You may only leave ratings for members you played with from the moment you are done with the game until the game is archived (5-6 days after completion). Once the game is archived the rating cannot be changed unless you play the member again, at which point you may revise your rating to reflect any changes in opinion. Only when the game is archived will the new or changed rating appear - this is to prevent revenge ratings. You can withdraw ratings at any time on the "Ratings Left" section of your ratings page.

Whenever leaving ratings, use caution and good judgement. You are responsible for the ratings that you leave and they become a permanent part of the other member's record, so be sure to leave only fair and factual ratings that relate to the member's behaviour in the game.

If you have any questions or concerns about a particular rating that you have received, please discuss with the author directly via private message.

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