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You can invite players to existing games, either when you initially create the game in the Start A Game form, or after the game is created from your Waiting Tab by clicking Invite next to the corresponding game.

Once you invite a player to a game the slot you invite them in is reserved for them. They are sent a private message and, if their player settings allow, an email. If they accept the invitation they are placed into the game. If they decline the invitation the slot is emptied.

Invitations expire after 24 hours.

If your player settings allow you will be notified via email when an invitation is dropped or expires.

Game Requests

A Game Request is a request for a game that exists without the game itself being created. Game Requests go into a queue, and are matched up via a matching algorithm, so that the moment there are enough requests for a particiular type of game, that game can be started.

Game Requests appear on the Requests Tab in Central Command.

Current uses for Game Requests include:
  • Start games with new recruits, via "Guide Games" (described below).
  • Start Scenarios that involve multiple human players.
  • Submit a Direct Game Request for a game involving some combination of settings to your liking.

Guide Games

Guide Games are games played on the request of a new recruit when they initially sign up. The idea is to start a game quickly, with humans, and give the new recruit the best introduction to the club possible.

The following describes Guide Games:
  • On Classic map with default settings. The only variable settings will be the number of players and Casual/Speed.
  • A new recruit is given first turn.
  • 1 or more new recruits may be in the game, and 1 or more Guides.
  • Score no points.
  • If all new recruits have been eliminated from the game the system will end the game.
  • Guides (non new recruits) are given an inventory reward per game, and are eligible for other rewards described on the Society of Guides page.
  • Members of the Society of SuperGuides will automatically accept non-speed Guide Game requests if they are on CC at the time. Remaining game slots will be filled via Guide Game alerts sent via PM to online members of the Society of Guides and also via an admin message in Global Chat.
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