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The Society of Guides is a special Conquer Club group that helps introduce new players to the game and the website. Guide Games and how to participate in this program are described here. The SoG forum group is here.

Guide Activity is shown below. As part of the program, Conquer Club gives something back to the Guides that commit time to the effort. Each month the Guide Leader wins a Blue Star and the Top 5 Guides wins 200 Credits (admins are exluded from these rewards).

The Score is calculated as: 1 Point for each Guide Game that starts, 1 additional Point when a new recruit takes a single turn, and 1 additional Point per opponent (1,2,3 Points for 2,3,4 Player Game) if a new recruit finishes the game (is active in the last round, or the second to last round before the game ends).

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