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23 secs agoddguy wins on Classic
3 secs agocapt spazdog is in the Club!
1 min agofranzilla wins on Napoleonic Europe
1 min agowrathofkahn wins on Eurasia
3 mins agotiburce wins on Classic
3 mins agojtctaker wins on Luxembourg
4 mins agoMaster Chief wins on Tribal War - Florida
4 mins agoOdeuminus wins on Tribal War - Florida
4 mins agosgtg9 wins on Classic
31 secs agoDarkhorse99 is in the Club!
32 secs agoCLIFFemALL wins Auburn Conquer Star!
5 mins agolt.Futt wins on Feudal Epic
5 mins agoMaster Chief wins on Classic
6 mins agoDarin44 wins on Texan Wars
6 mins agoBrianSD wins on Baltic Crusades
7 mins agoblazer2 wins on Luxembourg
7 mins agoezday wins on First Nations North America
7 mins agoczech59 wins on Puget Sound
8 mins agoMaster Chief wins on Classic
9 mins agosaxibot wins on American Civil War
10 mins agoAngarita wins on World 2.1
10 mins agoNimrods Son wins on Peloponnesian War
11 mins agobuloy wins on Baltic Crusades
11 mins agoFERN01 wins on Classic
12 mins agoDave Martin wins on CCU
14 mins agoStegura wins on Baltic Crusades
15 mins agoblazer2 wins on Luxembourg
2 mins agoZulu Warrior wins Violet Conquer Star!
2 mins agoZorro134 is in the Club!
3 mins agoRobespierre__ is in the Club!
4 mins agoIcePack wins Violet Conquer Star!
5 mins agoburnsyj2011 is in the Club!
5 mins agoadamvhaar wins Violet Conquer Star!
6 mins agobleotheoracle wins Drab Conquer Star!
7 mins agodinustef is in the Club!
8 mins agoTinhorses wins Drab Conquer Star!
8 mins agobfunny27 wins Auburn Conquer Star!
9 mins agoTMiflin is in the Club!
9 mins agogreengo is in the Club!
9 mins agoknails is in the Club!
10 mins agoLorxxxit wins Orange Conquer Star!
12 mins agosempertyrannus is in the Club!
13 mins agoviss wins Drab Conquer Star!
13 mins agoOdeuminus wins Violet Conquer Star!
13 mins agoDarthBlood wins Orange Conquer Star!
13 mins agoryandk49 is in the Club!
14 mins agopaulb7 wins Orange Conquer Star!
14 mins agogoodsharkbait wins Orange Conquer Star!
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