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Re: Esc. for Beginners pg4---Esc. Intermediate pg8

Postby Viceroy63 on Sat Oct 13, 2012 5:55 pm

tracedout wrote:leaving the easy card is just basic cooperative game theory

sometimes it helps you more to help someone else. sometimes it doesn't.

First of all let me just say that I did not read the whole thread so if I am repeating someone else comment then I apologize for the infringement.

Actually leaving the easy card, is a bit more than just basic cooperative game theory! In Escalating spoils game, you want the spoils set trade in, to get high as quickly as possible. In a game of 6 players with everyone carding on their turns the game should not last more then 10 or 12 rounds. Usually 6 player escalating games are over by round 8 or 9 although I have seen them end even sooner then that depending on the terrible play that some people do.

Imagine a game where no one is carding except for one player. Sooner or later that player that is carding will eventually win the game because sooner or later he will, little by little take out everyone in the game. In a game with no one carding, then no one is assaulting anyone. And this game is won by assaulting and not just dropping your troops. So the whole point of leaving 1's everywhere is so that others will take them and thus build up the "Card Economy!"

The CE is the number one way to not just replenish your troops for the troops lost on assaulting other regions but also the key method to winning the escalating game. The CE insures that the spoils soon overtake the BZ's (Bonus Zones). So influencing and allowing for others to card on easy card spot is what you basically want in an escalating spoils game. Otherwise you may as well play with no spoils in which case it is the BZ's that determine who eventually wins the games and then you are just fighting for BZ's and not spoils.

The setting of escalating spoils is what make it possible that the BZ's soon lose out any strategical purpose or value in the game so then every player leaving behind easy card spots is the whole reason to escalating spoils. The CE is the game and the strategy then lies in how to deal with and benefit from an ever rising Card Economy!
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