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Supersized Maps

Postby isaiah40 on Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:10 pm

Ahoy there Mapmakers!

We are pleased to announce our new (and long awaited) Supersize Map Policy!!

We've tried to make it as painless as possible to get Supersize status. Please read the policy before applying for supersize status.

Supersize Maps Policy

**IMPORTANT - This policy is NOT retroactive, it applies only to new maps**

Each map is expected to be developed within the standard size limits.
  • Large Version: width up to 840 px , height up to 800 px
  • Small Version: width up to 630 px, height up to 600 px
However, if there's a valid reason, the Cartography Assistants may authorize a mapmaker to use additional space. In some cases, it is the CAs who will suggest to go supersize, but mostly it is a mapmaker's responsibility to make an official request for supersize while the map is under development.

Any official request for supersize maps should be submitted via private message to thenobodies80.

There are a few requirements to apply for a supersized map:

  • The map must NOT be a 1vs1 map.
  • The mapmaker must have a clear idea of what size he is aiming for.
  • Every single pixel used more than the standard limits must be used wisely, if not the CAs will ask to you to reduce the size.
  • The mapmaker must always try to keep the map size as close as possible to the standard limits for the small version. Smaller is better!
  • The supersize map must be within the supersize limits.

There are few other things to consider while planning to develop a supersize map:

  • Super Size Limits
    • Large Version: width up to 1200 px , height up to 1000 px
    • Small Version: width up to 780 px, height up to 650 px
  • If the mapmaker wants to have his map supersized from the start (Drafting Room), he must provide a draft that will show why the map is worth the additional space.
    Cartographers reserve the right to postpone the submission to the graphics stage if it's not totally clear if the map is worth the additional space.
  • Cartographers' responses on submissions are given after discussion within the whole blue team. Responses are not subject of review or public discussion, although (under request of the mapmaker) an additional clarification could be given.

There's no planned schedule for submissions. But it will be always given an answer to the mapmaker in a timely manner directly into the map thread.
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