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5 Lands of Shannara [updated 24 jun 2013]

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Re: 5 Lands of Shannara [updated 24 jun 2013]

Postby dolomite13 on Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:17 am

Aleena wrote:what a shame - it was a beautiful map - and just because the designer refused to change names to make it more generic - all this work is lost....

Maybe after he finished the Temple of Jinn he can rework the concepts of this map to be in the same world as Jinn. The graphic style is similar and I for one love seeing new, original, fantasy themed intellectual property expanded across several products and having several maps set in that world could be fun. "Temple of Jinn", "Five Lands of Jinn", "Shattered World of Jinn" something like that.

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