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Clan Director Callouts

Postby Caymanmew on Sun May 12, 2024 6:51 pm

The CD Team is opening applications to become a Clan Director.

We are looking to add someone to assist with the workload within the CD Team. Specifically, we would like someone willing to work on the database (opening/closing wars and adding games to wars) with groovy.

Candidates applying should have a high activity on Conquer Club/within Clans and be familiar enough with rules and procedures to answer some basic questions. Candidates should have a strong desire to learn and be willing to be a team-player. Candidates should have a very cool-head and calm demeanor, and be eager to help take the Clan world to the next level. Candidates should be able and willing to handle their assigned task(s) and be accessible for input when asked.

An ideal candidate would also be willing to join our CD team discord group chat (text, not voice or video) as we use this as our primary communication.
However, do not let the feeling that you don't meet some of these requirements stop you from applying. For example, we also need someone who can provide a different perspective, so even being relatively inexperienced in the clan world can be an asset if you're interested in being a volunteer.

If you are interested in joining the CD team, please PM Caymanmew introducing yourself and explaining why you want to be a CD.
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Head Clan Director
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