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A NON-CLASSIC NELSON OF MAPS [TPA4] (Winner=tripitaka)

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A NON-CLASSIC NELSON OF MAPS [TPA4] (Winner=tripitaka)

Postby DaveH on Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:20 pm


We have a winner!
The final scores are as follows:

tripitaka 81
dustin800 80
shoop76 80
greenbaize 77
jackofalltrades 77
mishalex 77
pearljamrox2 77

Very well done everyone!

This is a Tournament Players Association Year 4 [TPA4] event, and is governed by its rules, guidelines, and judgments which are detailed here: ... 3#p4278332
All are welcome to join and participate in the association. You do not need to do anything more than join one or more of the TPA4 events that will be announced on Mondays. Check back on the scoreboard to see how you're doing:



At the time of preparing this tournament
there are 223 non-Beta maps.
Therefore, excluding Classic there are 222 maps.
222 is a Double Nelson, so......
half of that is a Nelson, so……
why not play a Nelson of maps?

show: historical significance

show: why that man is in the air

37 x 3 = 111, so you will play 37 rounds with 3 different players and maps per round.

show: games and players

show: joining

show: winning

show: maps
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Postby DaveH on Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:20 pm

Reserved for players and scores.

show: players

show: R1 Winners
show: R1 Byes

show: R2 winners
show: R2 Byes
show: Totals after R2

show: R3 Winners
show: R3 Byes
show: totals after R3

show: R4 winners
show: R4 Byes
show: totals after r4

show: r5 winners
show: r5 byes
show: totals after r5

show: r6 winners
show: r6 byes
show: totals after r6

show: r7 winners
show: r7 byes
show: totals after r7

show: r8 winners
show: r8 byes
show: totals after r8

show: r9 winners
show: r9 byes
show: totals after r9

show: r10 winners
show: r10 byes
show: totals after r10

show: r11 winners
show: r11 byes
show: totals after r11

show: R12 Winners
show: R12 byes
show: Totals after r12

show: r13 winners
show: r13 byes
show: totals after r13

show: r14 winners
show: r14 byes
show: totals after r14

show: r15 winners
show: r15 byes
show: totals after r15

show: R16 winners
show: r16 byes
show: totals after r16

show: R17 winners
show: r17 byes
show: totals after r17

show: R18 winners
show: r18 byes
show: totals after r18

show: R19 winners
show: r19 byes
show: totals after r19

show: r20 winners
show: r20 byes
show: totals with r20

show: r21 winners
show: r21 byes
show: totals with r21

show: R22 winners
show: r22 byes
show: totals with R22

show: r23 winners
show: r23 byes
show: totals with r23

show: r24 wins
show: r24 byes
show: totals with r24

show: r25 wins
show: R25 byes
show: R25 totals with R25

show: r26 wins
show: R26 byes
show: scores with r26

show: r27 wins
show: r27 byes
show: scores with r27

show: r28 wins
show: R28 BYES
show: totals with R28

show: r29 wins
show: r29 byes
show: totals with r29

show: r30 wins
show: r30 byes
show: totals with r30

show: r31 wins
show: r31 byes
show: totals with r31

show: r32 wins
show: r32 byes
show: totals with r32

show: r33 wins
show: r33 byes
show: totals with R33

show: r34 wins
show: r34 byes
show: totals with R34

show: r35 wins
show: r35 byes
show: totals with r35

show: r36 wins
show: r36 byes
show: totals with r36

show: r37 wins
show: r37 byes
show: scores with r37

show: r38 wins
show: r38 byes
show: totals with r38

show: r39 wins
show: r39 byes
show: scores with r39

show: r40 wins
show: r40 byes
show: scores with r40

show: r41 wins
show: r41 byes
show: scores with r41

show: r42 wins
show: r42 byes
show: totals with r42

show: r43 wins
show: r43 byes
show: totals with r43

show: r44 wins
show: r43 byes
show: totals with r44

show: r45 wins
show: r45 byes
show: scores with r45

show: r46 wins
show: byes
show: totals with r46

show: r47 wins
show: r47 byes
show: totals with r47

show: r48 wins
show: r48 byes
show: totals with r48

show: r49 wins
show: r49 byes
show: totals with r49

show: r50 wins
show: r50 byes
show: totals with r50

show: r51 wins
show: r51 byes
show: totals with r51

show: r52 wins
show: r52 byes
show: totals with r52

show: r53 wins
show: r53 byes
show: totals with r53

show: r54 wins
show: r54 byes
show: totals with r54

show: r55 wins
show: r55 byes
show: totals with r55

show: r56 wins
show: r56 byes
show: totals with r56

show: r57 wins
show: r57 byes
show: totals with r57

show: r58 wins
show: r58 byes
show: totals with r58

show: r59 wins
show: r59 byes
show: totals with r59

show: r60 wins
show: r60 byes
show: totals with r60

show: r61 wins
show: R61 byes
show: scores with R61

show: r62 wins
show: R62 byes
show: scores with R62

show: r63 wins
show: R63 byes
show: scores with R63

show: r64 wins
show: R64 byes
show: scores with R64

show: r65 wins
show: R65 byes
show: scores with R65

show: r66 wins
show: R66 byes
show: scores with R66

show: r67 wins
show: R67 byes
show: scores with R67

show: r68 wins
show: R68 byes
show: scores with R68

show: r69 wins
show: R69 byes
show: scores with R69

show: r70 wins
show: R70 byes
show: scores with R70

show: r71 wins
show: R71 byes
show: scores with R71

show: r72 wins
show: R72 byes
show: scores with R72

show: r73 wins
show: R73 byes
show: scores with r73

show: r74 wins
show: R74 byes
show: scores with r74

show: r75 wins
show: R75 byes
show: scores with r75

show: r76 wins
show: R76 byes
show: scores with r76

show: r77 wins
show: R77 byes
show: scores with r77

show: r78 wins
show: R78 Byes
show: totals with R78

show: r79 wins
show: R79 Byes
show: totals with R79

show: r80 wins
show: R80 Byes
show: totals with R80

show: r81 wins
show: R81 Byes
show: totals with R81

show: r82 wins
show: R82 Byes
show: totals with R82

show: r83 wins
show: R83 Byes
show: totals with R83

show: r84 wins
show: R84 Byes
show: totals with R84

show: r85 wins
show: R85 Byes
show: totals with R85

show: r86 wins
show: R86 Byes
show: totals with R86

show: r87 wins
show: R87 Byes
show: totals with R87

show: r88 wins
show: R88 Byes
show: totals with R88

show: r89 wins
show: R89 Byes
show: totals with R89

show: r90 wins
show: R90 Byes
show: totals with R90

show: r91 wins
show: R91 Byes
show: totals with R91

show: r92 wins
show: R92 Byes
show: totals with R92

show: r93 wins
show: R93 Byes
show: totals with R93

show: r94 wins
show: R94 Byes
show: totals with R94

show: r95 wins
show: R95 Byes
show: totals with R95

show: r96 wins
show: R96 Byes
show: totals with R96

show: r97 wins
show: R97 Byes
show: totals with R97

show: r98 wins
show: R98 Byes
show: totals with R98