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Official Event: May Challenge: Quebec Act, 1774

May Challenge: Quebec Act, 1774
SeriesMonthly Challenge
Starts2014-05-01 00:00 CCT
Closes2014-06-30 23:59 CCT
The Quebec Act of May 20, 1774 was an attempt by England to halt the expansion of the 13 colonies westward by awarding those territories to Quebec. You will need strategy and diplomacy to get through the main repercussions of this Act - the American Revolutionary War.

13 Colonies
6 Player Standard
MANUAL troop deployment
Flat Rate or No Spoils
Adjacent or No Reinforcement
Game Start: 1 Bronze Token (Worth 1 Point)
Game Win: 1 Gold Token (Worth 10 Points)

Major Contest Rewards (See Info for all Rewards):
General Achievement Medal: 50 points
Challenge Achievement Medal: 150 points
Overall Winner: 1 Green Star
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