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Developmental Atlas 1.0

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Developmental Atlas 1.0

Postby AndyDufresne on Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:58 pm

            Developmental Atlas

The 'Developmental Atlas' is an ever changing list of all maps that are currently under construction in the Foundry. I hope to keep all developmental maps from falling into the oblivion that is the Foundry Furnace . This master compendium will be updated regularly and all maps will be listed in alphabetical order of working titles. Status other than normal construction will be (noted)**.
(See appendix notes at bottom)


Current Development:
Partially Updated 19 December 2007 - Coleman


Abandoned Development:



-----If there are any errors or omissions please contact COLEMAN via pm
-----If there are any errors or omissions please contact COLEMAN via pm
-----If there are not any errors or omissions please contact COLEMAN via pm anyway, he likes the attention.
**Note 2**
-----Final Forge = Map near completion
-----Abandoned = No activity in development and a drop response from cartograher
-----Vacation = Cartographer on break, little to no updates
-----Working Development = Map is up for live play, though revisions in the works
-----Quenched = Map awaiting addition to the site for live play
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